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    Windy City Bhangra Videos/Feedback

    Hey Karthik, Can you send me Ik Taara's video? I'll forward it onto the girls. Thanks, Gurbir Singh
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    Bhangra competition graveyard

    OG Faizan, perfect. Rivalries are what's missing these days. I would say BTF takes some blame for this as well. Nothing against Saleem or any of the Moderators. Some of the limitations on "competitive speech" within this form are too strict for my taste. I understand we're doing that to...
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    Nishani Bhangra's shout out for Boston Bhangra Competition

    **BUMP** So, I have not posted here in a very long time. I believe the link above will take you to the Boston Bhangra page. If it does not, just click on Boston Bhangra before you like any videos. Make sure you check out all the videos before liking any. Nishani Bhangra is the second...
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    Houston, TX; Male Dancers Needed

    *Bump Nishani is heading into a busy season and would like the addition of some dept to our current roster. We have some major upcoming performances both local and national. If interested, message one of our members or email the address noted above.
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    Basim, We haven't split. Nishani bhangra is still one team. This is just a tryout for additional girls. Thanks, Gurbir
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    First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra Fever 4

    +1 that was hot, I love it when dancers are aware of the things going on around them.
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    +1 Thank you good sir!
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    Innovations in Bhangra Fashion/Style

    Self Pump...........Nishani Bhangra @ Boston 2012 Lovedeep Singh had the idea to use taveets on our Puggan.
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    Anakh-E-Gabroo @ PCS:Chicago

    Yes It's crazy 2 dare them swing their arms like that....tsk tsk
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    Anakh-E-Gabroo @ PCS:Chicago

    Guuunnnnuuuu!!! <3
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    sick tumbi gangnam style

    this is sickkk.....I like that nakhra in the beginning, should've kept it going but this is awesomee!!
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    Incredible remake of Challa

    One of my all time favorites.... Good find man! Thanks
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    Boston Bhangra Competition 2012 Teams Announced!

    I'm expecting that top shelf coffee at Starbucks!
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    Isn't he also in Texas?