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    Official Bruin Bhangra Placings!

    congrats to all!!!!! so excited for videos :)
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    JC Mela Placings 2011

    they had jalebi?!! blown
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    JC Mela Placings 2011

    Thanks PCS Jersey City for a great competition and congrats to all teams!!! It was an awesome experience and it was nice meeting all the teams!
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    World ending may 21 ?:S

    +1 well said!
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    JC Outdoor Bhangra Competition 2011 Official Line Up - updated

    Is there a back-up in case of rain? According to, there are thunderstorms that entire weekend. Granted that may be subject to change, but just curious. Thanks and looking forward to it!!
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    World ending may 21 ?:S

    clearly the world hasn't ended. although if btf somehow got shut-down, a part of my world would end
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    *Front TURLA PAGG: SHIVCHAND STYLE HOW TO!* (Fateh bhangra crew)

    this is brilliant!! so clean- just the way i like it ;)
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    Song cover!!!

    Hey you guys!! Here's my cover for "For the First Time" by The Script! Check it out!! Thanks :) For The First Time (cover)
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    New song cover!!

    Thanks you guys!! I really appreciate all the support! I shall be working on some more script covers definitely! i'm not too good with boliyaan and all aha sorry :\
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    New song cover!!

    What's going on you guys!! So I don't know if you saw my "Crawl" cover by chris brown, but recently I received some hateful and unnecessary comments. You can check out the video below: Crawl (cover) I decided to try to educate some viewers in my new cover so hopefully people will stop hating...
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    Tying a pagh on yourself.

    blownnn. it's straight though-- i remember watching it a while back. good stuff homie