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    10 top Dance floor tracks
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    "What happened to bhangra?"

    How do you guys like SPDs performance or NJWs burgh? NJW was basically raw bhangra with no gimmicks, and everything was pretty well executed. SPD brought back the folk-ness and made it very enjoyable to watch.
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    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ Bit6ix (1st Place)

    Wow how old is the little pink guy, he's sick! Congrats on the win
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    Updating BTF?

    Something that works with tapatalk, it's easier to use on mobile that way =D
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    Attention all music producers/music directors/Deejays:

    These are awesome! Great work bro
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    How should we view the bhangra of today?

    If a team can actually do the waterbottle gimmick and nail it.....that's pretty impressive.
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    Week 5 call out thread

    lol I have midterms too.... but I'll accept :P
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    RsK vs KsM Week 4

    DJ 2
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    DJ Preet vs Real Deol Week 4

    I liked both, but DJ2 gets the vote cause it sounded more different from the original.
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    Week 3 Match ups

    Looking forward to seeing what djs are gonna make because mixes are typically trap/dhol. Gonna be interesting. ;D
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    Mixing Ladder Rankings and Matchups

    Considering that it is a theme and not song this time, are we still expected to have about a minute of a mix? Or is something like 4 ~ 6 min allowed?