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    Fire Missing From the Circuit

    I just like that everyone says excuse my grammer now at the end of their post aha. Everyone stop saying that so we can bring the BTF grammer police (you guys know who you are) back to piss people off haha. lol
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    Zimmerman trial

    Daily Show on Zimmerman
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    Warrior Bhangra Results

    Live: 1. Rooh Punjab Di (Toronto) 2. Surrey Folk Bhangra Club (Surrey) Music: 1. Bhangra Knightz (Cali) 2. Cal Bhangra
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    TV Shows

    has anyone seen the funny or die "the wire: the musical"? its genius!
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    Badal wins again

    I don't believe any of the parties running for election were any good. It's about the lesser evil in my opinion. Everyone knows about Badal, his past. The police brutality, the drug trade, farming, etc...everything has been worsened over time with Badal in power. The congress, well let's face...
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    KONY 2012

    George Carlin - Saving the Planet
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    KONY 2012

    At first, I was really into the video and doing whatever I could to support the invisible children organization, but, after doing some thorough research and reading into the organization, I'm 2nd guessing donating money to the organization. Turns out that roughly 1/4 (about 2.5 million) of...
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    Badal wins again

    Although votes are not finalized, Badal is in the lead and will most likely be re-elected for another 4 years. Looks like the reign of corruption and terror continues...
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    Rest In Peace Kuldeep Manak [Confirmed]

    what is everyone's fav song by him? mine is probably teri aa main teri ranjha - origial by kuldeep manak (rare)
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    Just would like to congratulate the placing teams, although I didn't get a chance to watch the performances, I heard nothing but good things. Also, I would like to congratulate the NACHDA committee for doing such a great job with organizing the competition. The venue and hotel were really nice...
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    the OFFICIAL Kabaddi Cup 2011 Thread (PTC Punjabi DISH 604)

    I'm gonna be a total buzz kill here............... I find Badal and his whole PTC channel to be pathetic. Only Badal and his punjab police puppets would throw a huge kabaddi tournament the week we are meant to be remembering November 1984. And instead of paying $$$$$$ to people like Miss Pooja...
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    1984 Lest we forget

    Sunday June 3rd, 1984 (27 years ago today) All communications including phone lines to and from Punjab are cut. Road blocks prevent anyone from entering or leaving Punjab and all journalists are expelled from Punjab. A total curfew is imposed and as many as 10,000 pilgrims are trapped inside the...
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    Russel Peters' new movie - about an all Sikh hockey team

    well, the thing that bothers me is that he doesn't know the difference between SIKH and being PUNJABI. His comments and jokes usually are meant for Punjabi's and poking fun at the Punjabi culture...yet he uses the word SIKH. It's annoying.
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    anyone else pissed off w NYT?

    i dont think many people read New York Times here! but yes, i was equally disappointed. I remember getting an email in Feb/March about it. Sucks!