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    Attention BTF Screenwriters/Film Enthusiasts - Looking for Sikh-Themed Scripts

    Attention BTF Screenwriters/Film Enthusiasts: First off, an introduction, since I've been off of these boards for a longtime. My name is Hans Sahni, and I'm an ex-bhangra captain turned film director/producer. I'm a graduate film/TV student in my last semester at Chapman University in Orange...
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    When you choreograph something that shows up on YouTube videos from around the world every now and then, you can ask this question again. ??? :D
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    DRP at Socal Bhangra 2009

    And the award for best use of that song from the guido video in a jhummar segment goes to... DRP! No contest, really. You win a can of do-it-yourself spray-on tan from this guy: Do we have a representative from DRP to accept this award?
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    The New Trend in Vardiyaan

    Just jokes, fellas.
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    This is why IQ tests should be required for women before they get a...

    Huh, and all this time I was under the impression there already was a test to get a driver's license...
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    One of those words is unnecessary. rhymes with schmadvocate.
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    Sarina Jain vs Honey Kalaria

    ^^ That's amazing. Honey is adorable. I vote Will Smith, though.
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    Youtube Play Counts for NJ, SGPD, VCU, and the most watched bhangra performance

    Wow, nice dance studio. Guess that's the advantage of dancing at a university with a strong arts school.
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    24: SEASON 7

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    Desi Dhamaka Updates

    Well I appreciate the confidence, but to clarify, I did not work my balls off to get anyone to apply. It's not really the job of a judge to attract teams to a competition. In fact, the competition is still a good time away, so up until this point I wasn't really required to put in any effort at...
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    Official Bhangra Masti Results and Discussion

    SMD lives up to their name. Edit: I'd like to request a personal BTF bodyguard in response to the several threatening messages I've received from a certain member of SMD. Dheerja: NO HANS! me: hahaha Dheerja: i ahte you ahns me: haha that was quick Dheerja: TAKE IT DOWN! i got an...
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    Desi Dhamaka Updates

    Well as Sulman already pointed out, I've decided to withdraw from judging this competition alongside himself and Saleem. To make it clear, my withdrawal is not a reaction to the decision to take mid-level and rookie teams, while rejecting several top-tier names. Instead, it's a result of a...
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    Bhangra Blowout 16 - REGISTRATION is now OPEN!!

    So the registration deadline for an entirely collegiate bhangra competition is announced during winter break, with only 3 weeks till the deadline? Yikes. Of course, if this deadline was somehow announced ahead of time and I didn't know about it, I take that back.
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    Really Entertaining Fusion Team

    How are you gonna misspell Gob's name? That's like half the joke!
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    Movies of 2008

    So far... Slumdog Millionaire Wall-E The Dark Knight But a lot of the really best films normally come out very late in the year (right about now, actually) to keep them fresh in the mind of Academy Awards voters, so movies I have yet to see but am looking forward to are: Milk, The Reader, The...