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    Anyone in Boston still do bhangra?....

    You still trying or nah?
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    Pricing for mix and choreography

    Hello BTF! I am looking for pricing for someone to make a 5ish minute mix and choreography to go along with it for a wedding in July. There are no real parameters for the mix. I was thinking 1:00 for saap section and 1:00 for jhoomer section and the other 3 is anything. Thank you all!
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    New Years in Dallas

    I'm visiting Dallas, TX for New Years and wondering which places I should go to.
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    Star Wars

    I thought the same thing about the trident. Then I watched this lol Stephen Colbert Reacts to Star Wars Episode VII Trailer Explains New Lightsaber
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    Star Wars

    So is this episode still a prequel to episodes 4,5, and 6?
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    Nachda Sansaar Bhangra Club - 2nd Place at The Bhangra Competition 2014

    That was a great set! The mix was awesome! My favorite part about the entire set was the use of the stage and how you guys filled out the entire stage throughout the entire set. That combined with the formations was straight fire. UK Bhangra is killing it these days! Can't wait to see more of...
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    Sounds like an interesting idea Danny!
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    Asian Street Remix @ TBC 2014

    It seemed as though the stage was very big and I understand it is hard to utilize and cover all that space with just 10 dancers but I think you guys could have expanded your formations out a little more to cover more stage. I also noticed that you guys used a lot of 2 jodi lines, which was great...
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    Bhangra Fever 6 Registration

    When will the lineup be announced?
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    Boston Bhangra Competition Team Performances Review

    After reading your review this part in particular stood out to me the most. Having been apart of BBC in the past and watching the show for the last several years I have always had questions about some of the placings. I wonder if it is possible for the judges to put up their comments and score...
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    describe your last shit using a movie title

    Seven Pounds
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    Furteelay Shokeen Second Place (TDOT and BBC)

    Loved the set and the mix was fire. Looking forward to seeing what you guys bring to WBBC.
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    MIT Bhangra @ BBC 2014

    I agree that the paagan was distracting and it is definitely worth the time and effort to learn to tie proper paagan and turley for competitions/shows. If during a performance a malfunction does occur, going off stage to try and quickly fix it and only missing a few counts is the best case...
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    Who do you think will win Boston Bhangra Competition 2014?

    Comment on Placings as well
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    T DOT Bhangra 2014 Predictions

    1. FAUJ 2. Nachdi Jawani Waris 3. Alamo City