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    ***World's Best Bhangra Crew: Match-up #1***

    YES. This is an awesome first match-up to build the hype
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    Bhangra in the Burgh 7 Lineup!

    Haha yeah it seems so! Props to the Burgh committee
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    Bhangra in the Burgh 7 Lineup!

    WHOOOO CAL BHANGRAAA!!! I'm so excited! Also I'm really looking forward to see what the other teams bring. Side note: Can the Burgh committee work on releasing videos this year? Or maybe a freelancer wants to take the initiative. I'm still a bit disappointed last year because we were told...
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    Week 5 - BTF Ladder- 7. Swizzee vs. 4. NsD

    Not a big fan of the song but DJ 2 made it more interesting for me
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    Week 5 - BTF Ladder- 5. DJ Preet vs. 2. GSingh

    DJ 1 was going so well in the beginning but the JT ending seemed to come from no where. I was really diggin it but the ending made the aftertaste bitter :( DJ 2 had a nice build up and the ending faded out seamlessly. It was also interesting how he made the song a bit more uppety and happy...
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    Breaking Bad Season 5

    I'm glad you bring this up. I believe there's a theory that Walt starts to acquire the traits of people he has killed. There's the one you just mentioned. Also after he kills Mike, Walt started drinking his whiskey on the rocks. He originally had it straight but Mike used to drink it on the...
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    Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 5. Sangeen vs. 3. DJ Jassi

    I guess I'll be going against the people who actually know things about mixing but my vote is for DJ 2. I thought DJ 1 took to long to get to the actual song although parts of the beginning were pretty sick. Mix 2 was pretty light and happy. Kind of slow in the beginning but I thought it...
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    Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 19. Gtam vs. 17. NKrishnan

    I like how DJ 1 incorporated Church in the Wild. It had a cool feel. But I think DJ 2 has a more danceable ending segment mix. DJ 2.
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    Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 4. DJ Ra vs. 1. Swizzee

    Great mixes. I'll go with DJ 2. DJ 1's mix was more mitha (sweet) with a nice beginning and good use of the mirrors instrumental. However, I think the ending with mirrors went on for a bit too long. In this mix it's not as clear for me as to how to dance to it. DJ 2 had a harder more...
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    Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 13. KaranDeol vs. 11. DJ Concept

    DJ 1. Although personally I feel neither of these sounded like jhummar segments. DJ 1 (and somewhat DJ 2) had more of a dhamaal feel but it sounded better as well.
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    Cal Bhangra @ Nachda Punjab 2013 - 1st Place

    Anik, thanks so much for the support! I'm really glad I got to know you and the rest of the team as well. Btw, things worked out and I'll be in DC this summer! :) J-Skeet and Karn Singh. I really appreciate your guys' comments and feedback. I'm glad you guys were able to give us your...
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    Notorious Bhangra II Official Line Up!

    I think Mans meant that RP performed at Nachda.
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    Cal Bhangra Burgh Mix 2012

    pat suteya by sheri G