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    Change y'all team name bro hahaha @amrit & harvir haha
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    SGPD @ Windy City Bhangra - 1st Place

    clean set, but why does the venue look like a reception hall... lol. I couldn't even see a single face. terrible lighting. I would be pissed as a dancer
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    Thanks bro, been forever since i've been searching for legit quality
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    OLD SONG HELP!! Havent heard this song in years. does anyone have the original?
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    I hope everyone knows Apna Bhangra Crew has nothing to do with American Bhangra Championship lololol
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    Lmao. it being april fools joke was a april fools joke itself... but yeah we ended up dropping out
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    describe your last shit using a movie title

    kabhi kushi kabhi ghum jee aiya nu final destination
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    NBA Playoffs Thread

    either Clippers or Blazers are coming out of the West . OKC is getting punked by the Grizzlies. Miami and Lebron have a easy road to the Finals (again). My predictions are Miami vs Clippers or Miami vs Blazers. Spurs just arent ticking right now but you can never count them out. Most...
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    Elections in Punjab

    make sure everyone tells family back in India to vote for AAP.
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    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bhangra Idols 2009 GTV!!!! (NEW VIDEO)

    Video of abc using hiphop in 07 . actually started in 06 at gigs. sorry no videos on file lol
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    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bhangra Idols 2009 GTV!!!! (NEW VIDEO)

    5 years later, every bhangra team uses hip hop in their mixes lmao. talk about the biggest trend set in bhangra maybe.... hahahaha hilarious post
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    Nachde Shokeen Gabroo @ Warrior Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    kept it real!!! said it before too many critics. nasty paghan bro.
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    VIBC 2014 Bhangra Teams Lineup!

    Yall can say april fools now
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    Koi Mor Liavo Ni, Bhangra Mera Margeya Ni Bhangra Mera Margeya

    Agree with u 100% we also got a bunch of Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith wanna be's on BTF who dont go out and perform themselves but act like they know everything about it.