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    DCBC Videos: AKD, ECS, MAUJ

    This is the best I have seen DCBC in years and you guys are just right there in terms of placing in all the comps that you have competed at. You guys have improved not only the dancing, but your approach to choreography as well. Will write a more detailed review later.
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    Furteelay or SPD?

    you’re comparing 2 completely different styles of bhangra.......
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    Just out of curiosity, will travel and hotel be provided?
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    Bhangra All Stars Sydney (BASS) @ Championships of Bhangra 2019 (1ST PLACE) and @ Bhangra Fever X (2ND PLACE)

    This is easily the best Saap segment of 2019. Well deserved and an amazing performance.
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    2018-2019 Competitive Season Review

    Haha thanks @priyanka.ram1997 Best Coed Team: A lot of Coed Teams killed it this year (BU/MBT/UNC/CMU/DRP), but I would have to say UNC. Best All Guys Team: Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz Best All Girls Team: SDS/ NJ Mutiyarran Best US Team: FCB/Furteelay Best Canadian Team: NJ Folk Loverz/SPD Best...
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    Boiler Bhangra 2018 - 2019 Season Videos

    Judged you guys at ECS this year and saw a much different team than what I have saw in previous years. Choreography was refreshing and fun to watch and complimented y'all mix well. I think the biggest critique to take you guys to another level is that you guys need to get the form of your...
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    Raniyaan di Raunaq (first US all-women's comp) Lineup Release

    Quite the lineup guys. Hats off to you all for picking a great lineup and solid panel of judges. Best of luck moving forward.
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    UNC Bhangra Elite 2019 Videos + Mixes

    Having watched this live at Blowout all I have to say is that this was a great set that was very well thought out from start to finish. One of my favorite sets of the year in all honesty. Really enjoyed your intro into your shikka segment. Really enjoyed the circle in the middle with the girls...
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    Shikke Vendor Comparison

    Hi @js01 My name is Howie Magaro and I sell plastic saaps here in the US. I have sold plastic shikke to over 50 Bhangra Teams here in the US. Message me at 19175421093.
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    qualifications for judging?

    I hundred and ten percent agree with this sentiment.
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    Calling all women judges -- Raniyaan di Raunaq's judging app is open now!

    Great panel of judges. Each and every person selected appears to have a wealth of experience. Best of luck moving forward.
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    Virsa: Our Tradition @ Punjabi Mela Bhangra Competition (Virginia) (3rd Place)

    From the last time I saw you boys at Lalkar to this performance, there has been tremendous improvement from this team overall. Its refreshing to see that the new generation of Virsa has continued to improve and help keep NYC Bhangra alive. This set was not only more entertaining, but cleaner as...
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    MBT NDC 2nd Place & Blowout 3rd Place Videos

    Having captained MBT with Sahab Grover and Pratik Lakhani in 2015-2016, we would like to give a big shout out to @JesseMangat , @shawnmatharu and @Akshaya for how well they have done with this team from 2017-2019. You have exceeded all of our expectations and the 3 of you have led the team to 6...
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    BB26 Results/Feedback

    Having watched this show from the audience perspective I would like to say that Bhangra is very much alive in the collegiate circuit. All 1-8 teams truly brought it as I would say not a single team was technically bad or terrible. The show kept me very much engaged as every team really brought...
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    Bhangra Fever X Predictions

    1. Soormay 2. BASS 3. MOB/MMD