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    Professional teams leveraging collegiate resources (and vice versa)

    Armaan said pretty much everything I was thinking. I graduated from BU Bhangra 6 years ago and last competed with my FAUJ comrades in 2015. Although this anonymous post mentioned these teams 16 times, nowhere did it mention that the current dancers put in hard work and executed an entertaining...
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    Best Pagg Tier On Circuit?

    Rohan from BU
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    Las Vegas All Stars II

    Just wanted to echo what Ricky and Guppi said. The venu had an ambiance/energy unlike any other competition I have been a part of, and the organizers top priority was to provide a positive experience to everyone who came out. It is clear the competition is continuing to grow based on its...
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    Best Sibling Duo On A Bhangra Team

    I danced on the same team with my brother and my sister on FAUJ and BU respectively.
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    *****Boston University Bhangra @ Srujan, Fever, BBC*****

    Welcome to BTF HarjaapS ;D Great to see how much everyone has grown over the course of the year, congrats on a great season guys!
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    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2015: Judges' scores & other notes

    All competitions should move towards doing this. No matter how things went this weekend, transparency and accountability are always appreciated.
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    Elite 8 Bhangra 2015 Lineup

    1 JJ 2 CMU 3 DCMPAA 4 Cornell 5 FAUJ 6 DCBC 7 FCB 8 SMD
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    Who do you think will win Boston Bhangra Competition 2014?

    1 RU 2 CMU 3 FS 4 Cornell 5 DCMPAA 6 FAUJ 7 MIT 8 BU 9 NEBC 10 Virginia 11 NSG 12 DRP
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    FAUJ Bhangra at TDOT 2014 - Please do not post

    Hello BTF, Please do not post our video from TDOT. Thank you! ;D
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    T DOT Bhangra 2014 Predictions

    1 Xtreme Bhangra 2 Alamo 3 NJ Folk 4 DCBC 5 FAUJ 6 Yale 7 Wash U 8 FS 9 NJ Waris 10 Ankhi Jawan
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    Bruin Bhangra 2014 Lineup

    1. DRP 2. Vancity 3. FCB 4. DCBC 5. Bhangra Knightz 6. FAUJ 7. AEG/AG 8. Regiment
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    Boiler Bhangra 2014 Show Order

    1 MOB 2 GU 3 MBT 4 BU 5 Northwestern 6 SOB 7 Rochester 8 RVD Shoutout to our very own Divya for winning the mixer dance battle. Dammmnnn shawty! :D
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    FAUJ @ Bhangra At The Bell 2014 (GTVHD)

    #LetsGoNisarg is now trending on twitter! ;D
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    Imran Khan Live in Concert this Friday

    The Brothers of Iota Nu Delta Fraternity Inc. - Boston University are proud to present, for the first time ever in Boston, the international sensation, Imran Khan, Live in Concert! Tickets are on Sale Now! Facebook Event...
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    FAUJ @ Bhangra At The Bell 2014 (GTVHD)

    Dancers: Red: Cherag and Deep Blue: Jackie Sam and Vipul Yellow: Gurteg and TD Pink: Krishna and Vishal Teal: Aminder and Anu Orange: Ashish and Derek Purple: Nisarg and Rohan Green: Asees and Jake ;D