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    Cali Bhangra District @ Sin City Bhangra 2012 Mix

    Thanks for the props Lovedeep! You're pretty cool yourself Smp, stop being a dick. This post is about CBD lets stay on topic
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    Cali Bhangra District @ Sin City Bhangra 2012

    Wow Anita.... Don't even post in the right section... It's ok its your first time :)
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    random bhangra performance, pretty good

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    random bhangra performance, pretty good

    Good shit guys! The little girl mad dogging the camera in the thumbnail is hilarious haha
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    Intro song- kikli pa ke by surjit khan The Jhummar song I have saved as Husna Di Sarkar and yes by Kaka
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    Props on starting something like this up. I can see it being especially helpful to teams that don't have many/any experienced members on their teams. Just a little critique on your critique haha, instead of rerecording the performance videos with your camera, theres a much easier way using sony...
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    --<<< The Official BTF RE-Mixers Ladder 2011 >>>--

    Akhil rank number 2 challenging DJ Sk rank number 1 Song 7 Difficulty Medium
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    --<<< The Official BTF RE-Mixers Ladder 2011 >>>--

    I would like to sign up, DJ NAME: Akhil and EMAIL:
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    Must be the Morni

    What's up guys? Putting up a mashup i made a while ago just for phun.... Check it out Also, I'm going to start trying to put a new mashup every week on my soundcloud account, Check back on it, and follow if you guys want!
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    Giant Bhangra IV mystery

    Jasmine Sandlas, she sang with LAPD Jasmine Sandlas - Muskan <3
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    ---=Mixers on BTF=-- if there are any left

    I'm down too yo
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    Bhangra teams/ppl of California!!!

    If you're willing to drive out to fullerton it's a possibility
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    POLL: Who on BTF is DTF?

    Thank god my rents didn't name me 'alick' or my sn woulda been awkwarddd
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    NorCal Bhangra 2011 - Official Team Lineup!

    National... Bhangra... ASSOCIATION. ... And PANJ too i guess :P
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    Kala Sunny music

    Kala Sunny - play at RAVE only My homie Kala Sunny from sher foundation made this, thought it was dope so postin it up here for everyone to jam out to. Feedback itt