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    Pagh Tiers needed: Wedding in Bay Area(San Jose) 9/3/17

    My family is having a wedding on September 3rd, 2017 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. At 7:00am we have a baraat where 50-60 members of our family will need regular paghs tied(not bhangra). We're looking for 5-6 pagh tiers who can come in and help us in the early morning - it would...
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    Columbia Bhangra 2016-17 Performances

    Hey BTF, As the season comes to a relative close, Columbia Bhangra would like to share a couple of our performances this year. This was another year with huge dancer turnover for us, which is a struggle I'm sure other collegiate teams can relate to. However, our focus this year was on pushing...
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    Bhangra in the Heights 10 - February 18th, 2017

    Thanks to all the teams who came! Hosting a showcase in New York City is always an interesting experience. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Regarding performance videos, we will be making them available to the teams who attending in the next couple of days. Also, we'd love to hear some...
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    Bhangra in the Heights 10 - February 18th, 2017

    Columbia Bhangra is hosting the tenth anniversary of Bhangra in the Heights, a showcase consisting of bhangra teams from the tri-state area. It will take place on February 18th, 2017, at the Roone Arledge Auditorium in Lerner Hall on the Columbia University campus. Doors open at 7:15 and the...
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    Sher-E-Panjab Bhangra Club (SEPBC) @ Hilltop Hungama

    something about this was very appealing - really liked this. music was dope and all the dancers are obviously talented. Extremely folk taste in choreography on solid music. 8 versus 12 is unfortunate but this was dope nonetheless
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    Bhangra in the Heights 9: Showcase in NYC on February 6th

    Hi, Just wanted to let everyone know that Columbia Bhangra is hosting a showcase featuring NYU Bhangra, Yale Jashan Bhangra, Shaan Mutiyaaran Di, and us on February 6th, 2016! This is our 9th year hosting the show, and we have a lot of fun spreading our passion for bhangra to the NYC community...
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    Who's here to claim the throne?

    As an entirely opinionated spectator to many of these teams, the hypothetical "best bhangra team" in North America would probably have to best NJW's raw energy, FCB's creativity and charisma, and SMD's execution and cleanliness. Many teams are fantastic, and the above teams are undoubtedly...
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    NJ @ Jashan 2012 Mix - Anyone have?

    And can it be distributed? Particularly like the beginning and end. Thanks!
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    Best Pagg Tier On Circuit?

    As a spectator, I find NSG's paghs very visually appealing - the folds are crisp and the turla isn't lopsided or small. I don't know who ties them, though
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    Sound Quality during Pitch Shifting

    Lots to think about and learn about - greatly appreciate it! Thanks to all for the input. I think I have a couple directions I can go with for my problem now. Hopefully after finals, I can return to this topic and post some sort of comparison and explanation so that this doesn't persist as a...
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    Sound Quality during Pitch Shifting

    Out of curiosity, what software do you use? Additionally, how do alternative plugins approach pitch adjustment differently? Thanks to both of you!
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    Sound Quality during Pitch Shifting

    Been meaning to ask this for a while Using Logic Pro X with the Pitch Shifter plugin. General advice would be awesome, although I'm somewhat familiar with the Acid/Ableton UI as well if you have specific thoughts When I speed up songs < 20% and pitch it more than 1.5-2+ semitones, I always...
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    Proper Betka Technique

    When you say keep your butt on your heels are you talking about literal contact or keeping them simply in the same alignment?
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    Song help: Lalkaare

    Fuck haha - checked the first hit and it was no good and I tried googling the lyrics and came up with nothing. Sorry for the inconvenience man. Appreciate it
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    Song help: Lalkaare

    Yo anyone know what this song is The bass in this remix slaps. Think it's Miss Pooja and some dude. Thanks in advance!