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    MCB Competition Review

    Will have a video review posted soon! ;D
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    DCMPAA 2nd Place Boston Bhangra 2013

    Saw this performance live - I was in awe the whole time and speechless. By far the best dancing of the night.
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    Joshiley Jawan @ Bhangra at the Bell Last Performance Ever

    By far the best JJ performance to date. I am certainly going to miss you guys if you are really done. But some of my best times at comps have been hanging with the boys from the DC/VA area. Most of us go way back to VCU's golden days. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. I love you guys...
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    Joshiley Jawan @ Bhangra at the Bell Last Performance Ever

    the guy at 3:57 would be me :-)
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    Faizan, well said. I am disturbed by Harkiran's post, because she has many youngsters under her win. Gotta drop the ego and pride, and teams might enjoy dancing/coaching more. The end. P.S. The seasoned dancers and veterans need to be much more mature and active about preserving the intangible...
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    Behavior at Competitions

    I'll be MCing so I will see you there :-) but let's not get sidetracked
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    Behavior at Competitions

    This behavior is atrocious. I leave the circuit for 8 months and it feels like shit has really hit the fan. It was bad before, but holy hell, this is terrible. PEOPLE, don't be afraid to call the perpetrators out publicly. Think of the circuit as the NFL or any other league sport. When a...
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    Bhangra 101...I'm assuming you love bhangra, right? And if you love bhangra, you probably want to see it flourish among the masses, right? In order for Bhangra to reach a larger, more global audience, it must evolve. Without evolution Bhangra will remain in the cities of Punjab and will not read...
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    Traditional Turla Help

    full voil 6 and a half meters
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    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2012 GTV

    When did we do the jerk?
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    Boston Bhangra Placings!

    If anyone has any videos of AEG's performance from Boston please message me! Thanks! :) -Jaggi
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    AEG/SMD Collaboration @ Big Apple Bhangra 2011 HD

    it wasn't necessarily co-ed...if you noticed, the girls danced alongside a female jodi and the guys danced alongside a male jodi, except in jhoomar
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    Rutgers vintage 2003

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    AEG/SMD Collaboration @ Big Apple Bhangra 2011 HD

    her name is aditi...she's TOO sick
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    Bhangra Comp Afterpartys

    campy, let's just say if you had bet that color again, you'd win big :-p RED FTW...but i promise there will be a twist to it...who is sylvester? o_0