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    DJ Scam Warning: DJ JsM (Jasjeet Matharu)

    lmao... if you want ur money back you could have messaged me. none of your whatsapp messages went through since i dont have my phone. you could have messaged on facebook clown asses. Moderator Note: Edited message to remove racism. Please adhere to the BTF's forum behavior rules...
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    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Moderator's Note: Please update your original posting if you have already added your name to this list. Please don't bump the topic just to add "updated" information. You can create a new topic if you have a new mix/production that you wish to share.
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    Alamo City Bhangra [Girls] @ BBC 2016

    Killed it girls
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    On Fl You can use the STRETCHING option or use edison brotha
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    Week 5 call out thread

    someone call me out!
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    I'm trying to find how to make this sound effect

    Fl studios piano roll brotha !
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    Mixing Ladder Song Suggestions

    im down for production ! love that shizz
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    Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 7

    thanks basim !
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    Voting Method Change

    Thank you
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    Mixing Ladder Updates

    yo leave voting out man just get a judge or something
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    Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 7

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    Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 12

    dj 2's chords are kinda frieddddddd LMAO and his percussions go off at 15 seconds !
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    SONY ACID PRO 7.0 Video Tutorials -How to Make a Bhangra Remix

    Yeah definitely looking forward to this as well ! we'll update yaaall soon