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    Summertime Magic Vol. 2 | Ft. Teg Hans

    After 6 months in the making, I present to you the sequel of Summertime Magic 2019. Shoutout to @TegHans for contributing one of the best parts of this mix! Any feedback would be much appreciated, always looking to learn more :)
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    Anyone know this song?

    The exact mix in that video is
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    Anyone know this song?
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    Vocal”ah ha” request

    some options
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    My Punjaban Señorita

    Around a year ago, I made this mix, and I was excited to release it. However, as we all know, SoundCloud copyright is one of the most painful things to deal with. After trying many times and using many methods to get the track up on SoundCloud, I was unable to do so (the only way I could do it...
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    Looking for Good Heyk Songs

    The guys above really got some good ones so here are some more Muqabla - Ninja Mucha Kundiyan - Rajvir Jawanda yaar himesha - Bakshi Billa (please don't use this, it's in literally every bhangra mix) Daang Te Dera - Aman Hayer Singhan Diyan Gadiyan - Jazzy b NAAG 2 - Jazzy b Bhangra Boliyan -...
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    Sound effect help

    original sample is from here at 11:58
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    need for risers

    Go through sound packs and find ones that you like. develop your own style and stick with it. I get a lot of my samples from this website
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    Looking for Sial Koti loops

    check out the boliyan de meenh sial koti sample I've used it multiple times now.
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    can anyone link me some good hekhs because I can't find any

    Yaar himesha - bakshi villa is probably the most used nowadays
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    song help

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    Anyone have Vasdhi by Kulvinder Johal?

    I can't seem to find any of the songs from the mundeh Panjabi album on the internet. It can be found on apple music but that's it. I'm referring to the songs in this thread
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    Mix Feedback

    A great mix! Well rounded and key matched. The clarity is definitely a plus.
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    DCMPAA 1st @ RDR 2019

    This mix has been through numerous variations but 6 months later here it is. Feedback would be much appreciated
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    Loop request

    just eq and throw a high cut