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    Jind Mahi - Gitaz Bindrakhia (download)

    Guys got lots of potential! Definitely picking up the Originals as soon as I can get my hands on them just to show some love for my all time favorite Surjit Bindrakhia :)
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    End of Season review: 2011-12

    Best Coed Team - Cal & UNC Best All Guys Team - ABC & BCC Best All Girls Team - SMD Best US Team - ABC & BK Best Canadian Team - BCC & NJ Most Improved - Cal & UNC Best Competition to perform in - Jashan Best Competition to watch - Elite 8 & Bruin Best Set - BK & ABC at Bruin Best Gimmick - BK...
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    BTW ... Phatte Chak Te OKC ne :)
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    Well I don't know about naming the kids after the dholi but they sure won't be able to tell the difference between Bhangra, Aerobics,Cheer leading and the Russian Dance ... wait isn't that called fusion? lol Disclaimer: This message is for argument purposes only, no harm or hate intended...
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    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bruin Bhangra 2012 GTV

    Hands down, it was the Best Set of the Night. Keep doing what you do best, Bhangra :)
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    Bhangra Evolution, lol I was watching NBA (Spurs Vs. Thunder) and thinking that Basketball or any other sport has changed into Entertainment from a Sport. Is Bhangra going in the same direction? To be honest, it is. At the competitions, take the gimmicks out of the equation, no one wants to go...
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    CNN Video on "Drugs in Punjab"

    Yup, but that is not easy as we all saw what happened in the recent elections. PPP seemed closest to the good although there were no guarantees, but there was a chance and the people of punjab were sold out with money and drugs in exchange for their votes.
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    CNN Video on "Drugs in Punjab"

    It could help and does help to some point but even in that sometimes players get carried away and start using performance enhancement drugs, some legal and some illegal which again have long term affect on the body.
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    CNN Video on "Drugs in Punjab"

    Corruption is root of this problem but not the sole cause. And corruption will always exist at one level or the other. For some drugs are just a way to enjoy life (those who don't have to worry about money) for others it just helps them sleep at night (those who have College education but not...
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    CNN Video on "Drugs in Punjab"

    It truly is a conspiracy. With the unemployment rising, increasing inflation, a revolution is at the verge of happening but not if the youth is on drugs. Its a strategy used world wide, just way more extreme in Punjab. The only point after independence when the drug use was down in Punjab was...
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    Bruin 2012 Results

    That's my personal point of view, sorry if I offended anyone. Just wondering how many other teams out there can afford to spend 10k on a gimmick?
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    Bruin 2012 Results

    Empire spent $10k for the gimmik! Not to take a cheap shot but I guess if you have the money you can always buy the first place :-\ But overall its a bad message to send to the next generation!
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    Bruin live stream?

    Gtv is here and Bruin this year is definitely better than elite 8 ... Intermission right now!!!
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    Gitaz Bindrakhia - Hathiyaar - [Official Video]

    First Album of Legendary Singer Surjit Bindrakhia's Son, Gitaz Bindrakhia: Gitaz Bindrakhia - Hathiyaar - [Official Video] Full HD Song - 2012 - Latest Punjabi Songs
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    Gitaz Bindrakhia - Hathiyaar - [Promo] 2012

    New Promo Gitaz Bindrakhia - Hathiyaar - [New Promo] 2012 - PointZero