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    BTF Mixing Challenge - Season 2 theme ideas

    So Swizzee, is this happening?
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    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2015: Judges' scores & other notes

    The Elite points mechanic is an interesting idea, but I think that it got a bit weird in that FCB won in 1/2 execution and choreo categories and yet didn't get any elite points. I kind of feel like it would have made more sense to either do it as a bonus 1-2 points or just get rid of it altogether.
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    BTF Mixing Challenge - Season 2 theme ideas

    Interesting ideas, guys. Swi, I'm down to moderate again.
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    The hunt for vardi

    I've got six and six for cheap in San Francisco. PM me and we'll talk.
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    Bhangra Knightz Bruin Bhangra 2014: DO NOT POST VIDEO!!!

    When are we gonna see this video, Preet?
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    ★★★ FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2014 ★★★

    Y'all switched around your colors...who was which jodi?
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    Anakhiley-E-Gabroo Bruin 2014 (2nd Place) *** GTV VIDEO ADDED ***

    I just finished watching the GTV video like ten minutes ago and I can't really put together any coherent thoughts right now because all that I can say is "goddamn, man..." and then just laugh hysterically. That was fun as hell to watch.
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    Gurkawal Sidhu

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    Dat bump, doe.
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    Boston University Bhangra Mix @ Boiler Bhangra 2014

    Link's not working and nor are my attempts to fix it. Can you post the direct link?
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    Bruin Review

    This. Heard great things about all of the teams, congrats to all of you.
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    Wisconsin's School of Bhangra @ Boiler Bhangra 2014

    Harman, I fixed it for you: UW School of Bhangra @ Boiler Bhangra 2014
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    Wanted to put a plug in for DCMPAA's saaps. Bought one to replace a broken one and it's pretty awesome. Haven't really used it in anger yet, but it's loud, it's just the right amount of broken in and it just feels really comfortable in your hands.
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    Notorious Bhangra III Lineup

    Nice. Pretty good lineup for a summer comp.
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ Sacramento Kings Halftime Show

    Hahahahahaha, that's Aaron Gray. New things confuse him... In fairness, Demarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore watched it all the way through. #goKings