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    Back2Folk - brand new all girls team in SoCal!

    Hello all, I am back after a long hiatus! I have started an all girls team down here in SoCal and we are currently recruiting for the fall. We are filling up and looking for a few more girls. If you are looking to compete and are down in SoCal, please feel free to message me!
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    TAG LIVE at MCB 2015

    That was amazing, well deserved. Shoutout to Simran, every time I think you're as good as it gets, you surprise me :)
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    Proud Coach Moments

    Props to these girls for continuing on, I was glad to be there and see it live :) Props to the dholi for keeping them going and Sumit for helping out as well!!
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    Vakhri Tohr Punjabana Di, California’s all girls team

    BUMP I would love to be a part of this team sharon :D
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    feet touching props?

    Yea we never did it to show disrespect. I honestly don't even know whats "acceptable" to judges nowadays. There was a time when dancers weren't even supposed to let the dangs touch the floor while dancing..
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    Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012 (GTV HD) - Second Place

    aman sandhu - jatti punjab di
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    Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012 (GTV HD) - Second Place

    Re: Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012 - Second Place Wow..that was a great performance, definitely deserved placing. Great job girls, looking forward to seeing more in the future :)
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    Bhangra's Most Wanted (BMW) Tryouts!!

    Bhangra's Most Wanted's (BMW) original members are coming back to the bhangra scene after two years because we just couldn't stay away!! We are more motivated than ever and are looking to make an impact in the bhangra circuit. BMW is an all guys bhangra team from SoCal and is looking for more...
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    POLL: How to handle Song Requests

    ^Agreed, that would seem like the best option.
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    Definitely buying this album!!!
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    Yea thats a sick album, lets support it by buying it :)
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    Steve Carell " The Decision"

    We have Carell for one more season :(
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    miami it is

    GL with Z, he's on the floor 20 mins a game and actually plays 10. :P
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    Bhangra's Most Wanted Bruin Bhangra 2010 MIX!!

    Shounk by Parminder :) ill post it up in a bit, not home atm