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    global bhangra competion poll

    this is going to be a great show! good luck to all the teams 1st GB 2nd FA/BABC 3rd FA/BABC
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    wbc bhangra

    what team is it like a toronto team...
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    wbc bhangra
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    Bhangra Bash 2009 Predictions

    man preety insane lineup...hopefully abc gets some vegence to what happened to them last year...but theres really good teams jawani allstars bmw, panj, etc lets see how this turns out... 1. abc/ allstars 2. allstars/abc 3. panj/ jawani
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    desi dhamaka results

    can we get one member from aeg...and tell us what really went down becasue if they did compete they prolly would of
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    Punjabi Beat @ IPFF 2009

    man everytime i see this i feel like slapping the judges they shud of deserved first or second for sure
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    modern 1. shan e 2. punjabi beat 3. abc trad 1 rooh 2 waris 3. babc
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    Socal Bhangra Official Results

    apd??? i guess its not the same team from giant last year with there jugni...good job boyys jawani always brings it...but wow im surprised with the placings...did babc go live or music???? an can we get a legit review from the show...thats whoever went to the show????
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    Offical 2009 International Punjabi Folk Festival Bhangra Line-up

    INSANE COMP...its gonna be hella long though
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    OFFICIAL Socal 2009 Predictions

    since empire and 3d dropped... 1. Jawani/abc 3. drp
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    OFFICIAL Socal 2009 Predictions

    i think abc is gonna take this comp they got a killer routine!!! but its packed empire always brings it, drp and 3d can also be in the mix and dont forget about nba they got 3rd at bulldog..
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    OFFICIAL VIBC 2009 Predictions

    im hoping empire brings a new set to the well as vcu 1. vcu 2.empire 3. drp its kinda like bruin last year how these 3 teams competed and placed...coed is taking over lol
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    song request

    can someone please post yaar punjabi by gurdaas maan PLEASE
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    Deos anyone have the dhol background beat

    THANKS BRO thats exactly what i was talking about
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    Offical 2009 International Punjabi Folk Festival Bhangra Line-up

    for the live i got waris rooh and siac for modern i think its going to be PB shan e and panj or pcac