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    yupp :)
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    Always wonder what does a morni tatto symbolize?
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    sorry to spam the board with a pretty much useless postt, but I needed a mix to be madee for my talent showw? i was wondering if i can get someone to do that for me?
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    GCC performance UK bhangra team

    mix wass sickk, would it be possible of you to postt itt? :D
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    Gajjde Gabroo @ Pioneer Bhangra 2010 (GTVHD)

    whats the background tune to the jugni?
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    Pappi Gill song

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    Pappi Gill song

    does anyone have the original mp3 of this song Best punjab romantic song by Pappi Gill. thankss :)
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    Dhol to Amplifier

    Heres anothe person who played dhol to amplfier
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    Song Help

    Whats the song @ 0.44 - 1.03 Thank You
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    Looking to join new bhangra team

    I doubt You will make a like SGPD, NYPD and so on, mainly cause your age. Must people on those teams are like 15/16++. Unless your like AMAZINGLLYYY CRAZZY at Bhangra LOL:P . Your best choice would probably be a junior/toddler team.
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    Are Sikhs Allowed to eat Beef?

    This is one topic that I never got to make a decision on? Sorry for making this controversial topic. I have been hearing different things about this? I heard we are allowed to eat beef cause were are not hindus, but arent we a off-religion of hindu? Most of my relatives dont eat beef, yet i...
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    Diljeet Panga- 2 Remix samples-Dj Zillion

    Both Are nice ;) But I like Sample 2 Better
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    Teams in 2009 - 2010

    Jawani Warriors, тσяσηтσ єℓιтє внαηgяα ;) (Y), Nachde Yaar Punjab De