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    Vardiyan For Sale

    Hey everyone, selling a set of girls vardiyan and have some coed gig/party performance vardiyan as well. I can send pictures if you’re interested.
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    Favorite Judges

    I also think that just because you danced for 20yrs, or have been a coach of a team that doesn't necessarily mean you will make a great judge. I think teams members who clean their teams, fix execution etc usually make great judges. I have judged a lot with some great judges: Ram (FCB) Howie...
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    qualifications for judging?

    " feel like I’ve been reading the same thread since 2007! Judging is pathetic. Comps are cheap. They don’t get the best possible judges. I feel for teams but this has been said in the past- BOYCOTT COMPS COLLECTIVEY UNTIL THEY GET THEIR SHIT RIGHT" Amen!.. and damn have we really been here...
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    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh (3rd Place)

    Good to see that Gunus knees and back are still holding up next to the youngins! Good job :)
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    PANJ Girls 2nd place -BSM 2017

    Enjoy!! Thanks to Mohit Cal Inder BK Asish Jasmeet NSG Preet and Royal for chadre :)
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    Coach PANJ(Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi) 2006-Current

    Coach PANJ(Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi) 2006-Current
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    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    We have also competed in California not just Vancouver. Unfortunately you'll probably have to stop watching, because I don't plan on changing anything :) There are only 4-5 ppl that Iam concerned about and those are judges. If you have any ideas for our set because you watch us so often you...
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    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    Don't really know what we consider a full season but I guess if we run from May 2016-May 2017 we were a 3/4. Only non placing being Bruin 2 weeks ago. But I will take your advice and aim for 4/4 for the 2017/2018 season :) And me too old is gold!! Someone has to keep the 2009/2010 style going...
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    Prop, etc. website

    I think you can get plastic ones from Hardeep, Italian wood ones I can help you with just ok me :)
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    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    We change something every Comp as we feel fit also 6-7 placings back to back to back with that set so far , I think I'm keeping it forever. But thanks for the advice :) Thanks for always watching and keeping up with our sets!! And welcome to BTF, great first post!
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    Harbour City Bhangra 2017 (Placings)

    I was honored to be able to judge Harbour Bhangra this year, never thought bhangra would take me to another continent. From the get go, it was very apparent that the committee wanted to ensure their competition ran was a success. The rubric was given to the judges for our input and was changed...
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    I have signed up to be a part of this judges union. I am just shocked that we have easily 80-90ppl disagreeing with the placings. Usually it just one team who's not happy with their placing but literally every single team that stepped on that stage plus the audience did not agree. Harjot Gtv on...
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    Reaching Out to all **CURRENT** Dancers/Captains

    Regarding feedback - a lot of team have stopped posting videos because they don't want feedback. I have noticed that when feedback is given team take it personally so ppl have stopped. I get private messages all the time to provide feedback and I feel that the new trend now. Judging - this...
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    Bay Area's Bhangra and Giddha Competition; Line Up Release!!

    Bhaji we are talking about Royal Bhangra the girls team from California.
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    Bay Area's Bhangra and Giddha Competition; Line Up Release!!

    PANJ Girls applied as well and were rejected.