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    Ranjhana - Pappi Gill ft. Drake (MKG Chill Trap Mix)

    I can't see the link. Did you take it down?
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    translating punjabi songs to english

    The songs are fine.. no bad meanings. I'm sure people were just referring to Hip-Hop/Rap songs being mixed with Punjabi songs. Lol who wants to hear the song "Koka Karke Dhoka" mixed with something like "shake that ass girl"
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    Song help don't know name!

    In a lot of Shinda's songs there's a kid who usually says "oh balle shera" (which I think is his son).. Do you know any little bit of lyric from the song?
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    Punjab 1984- Rangrut ft Diljit Dosnajh

    Thank you. Btw would you happen to have the song Channo from this movie?
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    Help finding this song or singer

    Maybe this? Hardev Mahinangal & Sudesh Kumari | Naseebo | Full HD brand New Punjabi Song
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    Sound Dock & Digital Camera Help!

    So I'm looking to buy a sound dock for my iPhone and a digital camera for my upcoming trip to Punjab in June. Digital Camera - I'm looking for something that has fast shutter speed and that takes crisp and clear pictures and videos. Sound Dock - Something LOUD so I can blast Nas all day long...
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    Rendeh - Surinder Saini

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    Song Help!

    Btw that's a pretty good song.. if anyone has a remix or can remix it def. do post it =)