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  1. Lally

    BIG CITY BHANGRA 2.0 Registration is now OPEN!

    Let's go!!! Super excited ?
  2. Lally

    Going to Bhangra and the City?

    I would highly suggest to avoid this competition since everyone is complaining about their previous events. Are you a local team? If so, I understand why you might think it's a good idea to attend this event but considering all the effort and sacrifices that goes into competition prep... I...
  3. Lally

    India-Pakistan Conflict Escalates

    Can't they just talk it out and play a cricket match? My parents are visiting in India right now and that shit is scary!
  4. Lally

    Circuit Reform

    VCU is the best co-ed Bhangra team of ALL time.
  5. Lally

    Vice City Competition Review

    As long as we start up competition reviews again, we can easily hold committees, judges and teams accountable.
  6. Lally

    Vice City Competition Review

    @Cherag didn't you guys just win this comp? Have you received your prize money yet? ?
  7. Lally

    Vice City Competition Review

    He hosted a beauty pageant and decided that he'd be good at hosting Bhangra competitions? So in other words, this guy has no idea of what Bhangra is... not surprised that this comp was a bust. I wouldn't wanna compete on a school gym floor either. I can just imagine the speaker and lighting set...
  8. Lally

    Vice City Competition Review

    who hosted this competition ? drop names. then lets look into their personal competitive bhangra experience. I'm gonna assume that these ppl aren't bhangra ppl?
  9. Lally

    qualifications for judging?

    I would highly suggest to BOYCOTT BSM. Ive posted complaints about them back in 2015 regarding committee members getting drunk and leaving SIAC at the venue so they could go to the afterparty. Also, being too drunk to drop SIAC off at the airport.. lol. One year there was a shooting at the...
  10. Lally

    qualifications for judging?

    Bhangra teams deserve a lot more respect in the competitive circuit. There is no show, pre launch or after party without these teams. That being said, you can only understand and respect a Bhangra team if you've actually done Bhangra yourself. If you've never competed before, you don't know the...
  11. Lally

    qualifications for judging?

    This has been going on for years. Everyone knows Bhangra resumes are pumped to the max. Competitions need to do their own review before accepting judges. I've been judged by a Gidha dancer at a live competition before. I've been judged by a chimta player, once again at another live competition...
  12. Lally

    Furteelay Shokeen @ Buckeye Mela 2019 - First Place

    Sick mix @Gsimz ! Formations and moves were a bit messy at times but alotta hard hitting points in the routine which kept it HYPE! Congrats on the 1st place boys!
  13. Lally

    Best Team In Each State.......

  14. Lally

    Worst judging screw jobs in bhangra

    PCBCA @ Elite 8 2011. got less traditional points than bhangra empire... this one makes me laugh.
  15. Lally

    Gidha/Bhangra teams in Dallas?

    Are there any Gidha and Bhangra teams out in the Dallas Fort-Worth area? If so, please hook me up with some names and contact #s