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    Boston Bhangra Pagg Tying Services

    Hey, just throwing my services out there if any team needs them this weekend. I'll be in attendance and more than willing to help. Shoot me a pm if you're interested.
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    how to make starch

    rice flour/starch or potato flour/starch were always my go to choices for mavaa. if you're going for the homebrewed method, make sure everything gets mixed well before you put the concoction on heat. and never add the powder directly to the mavaa while it's being heated. mix it separately...
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    How do I not take umbrage at that? How are you being nice?
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    PS you spelled 'waheguru' wrong in your footer. Moron.
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    singhk1, the thing is that you have this tendency to respond back in a way most of us can only assume is really emotionally charged. Over small, inconsequential things said you come back harder than is actually warranted. None of us are reacting negatively to your viewpoint, we're just...
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    Live sets singer should be judged, Live v music

    It only makes sense to judge singers and dholis based on the quality of their performances. A team with a god awful singer and dholi should clearly be docked, and those with a decent to excellent duo should receive nearly full points. Live teams will always have a folk advantage over music...
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    Best music set to date?

    you may be confusing these shivchand-esque moves with sudhar college's routine. back then in the circuit, everyone either copied moves or entire segments from them. a lot of shiv chand is just recycled from sudhar college
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    Best music set to date?

    ^Jawani Warriors @ Bhangra Masti 4 still takes the cake for me. Haven't seen that quality of choreography and execution matched on the circuit in a while.
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    Modern Sikh Texts? another popular book he references and co-authored.
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    Modern Sikh Texts? The author, Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair, is a professor at the University of Michigan. He teaches a number of classes on Sikhism and Southeastern Asian culture/religion. This is just one of the books he uses...
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    Nachdi Jawani @Jashan 2012 Song Request

    anyone happen to know the Mirza track playing @7:18... Nachdi Jawani @ Jashan 2012
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    *** CTL Update- Need Volunteers For Testing New Feature***

    im game. pm me the details of whats going down
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    My Latest Shykka Mix Dubbed

    Sounds kinda like Kulvinder Johal, but not positive
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    Punjabi movie in english...lmfao

    50-50 was the shit. 'Disco Chor' is a personal favorite: Fifty Fifty 50/50 Disco Choor