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    Bhangra wedding songs

    What you are asking for is a big big list !! I would start from searching for "best punjabi wedding songs of all time" on youtube; this would get you a list of some classic wedding songs. Apart from that, you can also look at 'Punjabi Jago songs" and "Punjabi lady sangeet/dholki songs".. If...
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    Impossible to find BOLI

    Same voice, same baseline beat... I am sure he got it from there. Still wondering if this is just a boli that somebody created or is it an actual full song !
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    Impossible to find BOLI

    These boli's are stuck in my head. Cant find the original versions. Link : 0:20-0:40 - Jithey Wajjda Pattadh waangu Gajjda ni Kaala Khoonda Mittran da 0:40- 1'ish - Haye ni tere Pair di Jhanjar, Pukaare...
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    Song Help?

    I heard it when I was on Murthal Dhaaba while on the way back from Delhi Airport to Jalandhar: ;D ;D Harinder Sandhu - Gaani (Album Supna)
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    Song help?

    here you go:
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    BTF Mixing Challenge - Season 2 theme ideas

    I always wanted to do a performance in which I only used those songs whose artists are no longer alive; kind of like a tribute. I think if you use that as a theme it would be good. There are tonz of them, you name it - Manak, Chamkila, Bhainianwala, Soni Pabla, Kulwinder Dhillon, Bindrakhiya etc.
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    Ranjit Bawa vs Ammy Virk

    This is an off-topic post, all my BTF people would be clearly aware about these two singers. One sings about pure Pendu stuff whereas other sings about a mixed stuff. Ranjit Bawa gave us Jatt Di Akal & Munda Sardara Da while Ammy Virk gave us Bullet vs Chamak Challo & Date etc. Who do you...
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    Multiple song requests

    The original song sounds so dull !! ??? ??? 2:27 is College by Raj Brar
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    ***URGENT: Help us spread the Bhangra movement on National TV!***

    Man that shit was sooo raw. #SupportBhangra
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    Solano Boys @ GHG 2014 (1st place)

    Good Performance. LOVEDD the boliyan though. Never heard the "Jutti Chu Chu" boli before, loved it.
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    sick as fuck
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    Post for all the WTF!! songs

    Punjabi Superhit Fuddu Song | Jyoti Music | Gadiyan | Shakti Rawal | Official Worldwide Premiere Never can get enough of this song
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    Live Boliyan with Baljit Malwa and Tru Skool

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    Hurricane Bhangra @ Houston Vaisakhi

    If I have to give an overall review, it was good. Well choreographed, well performed and good co-ordination. As per the crucial details, the video is shot from pretty damn far to comment on that. PS- Upload your team's remix. That is clutch. :D :D
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    UC Davis: ISA Culture Show Mix 2k14 [KaranDeol]

    Man, you gotta make a full song of that Putt Jattan De Remix -- That was clutch