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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Frequencies clashing, dhad not in key, way too much going on. DJ 2: Love the kick pattern sounds much cleaner compared to DJ 1. Good Stuff. Vote DJ 2
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    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 4 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 lofi type sick!
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 12 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1 The stutter effect you had in the middle threw me off. Dj 2 Melody needed more tweaking for it to be in key. My vote DJ 1
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 10 (Voting Closed)

    I liked them both but I have to go with DJ 2.