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    Week 1: Group H (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 1, DJ 6 1: I like the layering a lot and it was super clean, UK vibes. But the attempt at layering vocals on the last buildup was WEIRD. Octaves and sometimes 4ths or 5th are usually safe, but whatever you did here sounded off. Overall nice mix though. 2: Drums sounded nice and heavy but not...
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    Week 1: Group G (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 1, DJ 3 1: Nice and clean, the vocals were too low and got hidden in the mix. 2: Safe, but the EQ job hurts this. The mix was clipping in my headphones. You needed to remove some of the frequency range from some of the tracks and play with panning so that everything sits together nicely. 3...
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    Week 1: Group F (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 1, DJ 2 1: Nice layers, good mixing. Even though the vocals are low quality in the original, they sounded even lower quality in your mix so that could have been improved. Why bring in Daaru Pee Ke at the end? Didn't really add. 2: Great layers and feel on the jhoomer concept. The siren or...
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    Week 1: Group E (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 3, DJ 5 1: I was so excited when I heard Macarena in the intro, but the actual mixing of the song didn't do much for me in terms of beats or layers 2: Pretty safe, but not much creativity in layers. I liked how heavy the kick was 3: Nice and clean, I really liked that you experimented with...
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    Week 1: Group D (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 1, DJ 4 1: Safe, but clean. You can do more with the melodic layers 2: Layers were clashing 3: I like that you tried an extended buildup. The drop might have worked, but it wasn't executed properly. High layer on drop was off. 4: Layering was super nice, love the buildup. If I was to be...
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    Week 1: Group C (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 1, DJ 4 1: The Wiz Khalifa layer was PERFECT. You could have done so much more with it though in terms of composition and layering. 2: Overall almost there, but too much clashing in the first bar out of each 4 bar loop in the background beat. EQ could have been better as well. 3: Beat didn't...
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    Week 1: Group B (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 1, DJ 5 1: Sick, I like the layers 2: Honestly props for trying something different, but execution wasn't there. 3: Liked what you did with the intro. But I felt like you could have kept the tempo back a little and done more with the vocal drop. 4: Too muted 5: Simple, but I like that you...
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    Week 1: Group A (VOTING CLOSED)

    DJ 2, DJ 4 1: Alright, but not much going on here in terms of melodic ideas. 2: Nice vibes, wasn't feeling that high (tumbi?) layer you have going over the vocals. 3: Not feeling the layering 4: Safe, but clean 5: Not cohesive, clashing layers
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    Da Real Punjabiz 2018-2019 Competitive Season Videos

    Great job this year! Good clean dancing and so much creativity. Props for sticking to your own unique style as a team, and most importantly getting the west coast its second Blowout win in the last 3 years :cool:
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    qualifications for judging?

    +1. Although I doubt any of those judges would purposely do anything to skew the placings, implicit bias is real no matter how "neutral" a judge tries to be with their old team/teammates.
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    Bhangra Blowout 26 Predictions

    Deepest lineup in a few years. Good luck to all the competing teams!
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    Bhangra Showdown 2019 controversy

    Yes please! This goes for every "controversy" thread in the last 2 weeks
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    Norcal Naujawan @ Dhamak Bhangra Competition 2018 MIX

    Wow, one of the best mixes I've heard in a long time
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    Dhol track

    This thread has some that would definitely fit what you're looking for if you loop them
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    I tried to use phase inversion to grab the vocals out of Picka a little while back for a mix but ended up with a pretty mediocre result. I will definitely transition the vocals to use your acapella and tag you in the final result! Thanks for posting :)