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    SMD performing at Elite 8 2012

    GO FAROGHE!!!! Emo jori 4 lyfe. brap brap.
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    Big Apple Bhangra Championship 2011 Official Line Up Release

    +1 Dont make me tell the Christmas story Joe...
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    Song request: Pammi Bai - Fattu

    here you go
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    Best Bhangra Move

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    once again murder of bhangra

    lmao, indeed. and why were they sitting in chairs??
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    Chinese Guy Singing Jai Ho by The Pussycat Dolls

    that was entertaining and disturbing on so many levels, lolzzz
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    Katt Williams - Weed !!!!!!!!!!

    katt williams is one of the funniest dudes out there. His 2 other specials, Its Pimpin Pimpin and Pimp Chronicles 2, are hilarious
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    Big Bang Theory/How I met your Mother

    download either utorrent or vuze (just do a google search). These programs allow you to open the torrent file you get from websites like or To get the torrent files, go on and search whatever it is you are looking for (in this case it would be how i met your mother)...
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    Big Bang Theory/How I met your Mother

    you can download the torrent file if you wanna go down that route. Look up the torrent files on or, and you need a bittorrent client (i personally use utorrent, but Vuze is just as good) to download the file.
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    Album Request-Wisin y Yandel

    joey....i have a pedicure with ur name written all over it ;-)
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    i dont think that just because kanye was stupid enough to say what he did means that ppl are questioning her success...i could be wrong
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    i just saw this...thought it was funny
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    New ipod?

    i was quite upset that they didnt some sort of drastic change to the ipod touch....but whatever, i still ordered one of the new nano's lol
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    Anakh-E-Gabroo Mix from Gotham City Remix

    damn, this is ancient