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    oh my goodness.. i feel this is even a cut above many india teams. everything was, to quote our next poet laureate, "a god dream" - dancing/choreography/flow/sequencing, i was on the edge of my seat the entire time. absolutely stunning performance!
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    Nachdi Jawani Warriors 1st place performance @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2015

    unreal performance....straight up y'all are making me care about bhangra again
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    B-Nasty's Seasonal Sessions #6

    This is orgasmic dude
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    First Class Bhangra @ Elite 8 4 (2015) Full Review

    really a shame that happened, nearly inexcusable in context..but I suppose sometimes stuff just happens. that being said, the way you and your team responsed on stage and now in writing shows a remarkable poise and spirit. that to me trumps a "sick routine" any day of the week
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    BAB placing?

    1. NJW 2. DCBC 3. DCMPAA
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    B - Nasty's Bollywood Dance Party 2014 - April Update

    haven't given this a full listen yet but the first 7 or so minutes are spicy!
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    Surrey India Arts Club @ Warrior Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    awesome to see these old school teams come out and own the stage like this. someone posted recently that nakhra was all but dead in 2014. glad rpd, siac, kohinoor, nj etc are still around showing newer teams how it's done, with creative sets and great execution no less
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    i thought the term oriental wasn't exactly pc anymore
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    'Luddi' exhibition by Vasda Punjab at Capital Bhangra 2014

    it has been a lifelong dream of mine to make the pilgrimage to the hut. gurvy paji is one of the most hilarious and genuine human beings you will find on this planet, not to mention he understands dhol the way indian hustler babas understand snake psychology
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    Best Dholis in the circuit

    depends on what metric are we using... in terms of raw skill, easily nana. in terms of aesthetics/pure sex appeal, also nana
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    What are the top 3 performances you would place?

    none of those would be on my list... my top 5 contenders for best music performance ever: sgpd @ masti 2008 vcu @ burgh 2008 warriors @ masti 2010 shan-e-punjab @ bab 2010 jj @ vpd 2011
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    What was the longest win streak?

    kohinoor has won 4 or 5 straight live comps. all i can remember right now are masti 2010, bulldog 2011, rpvd 2012, warrior 2012. i believe they also had quite a few placings between 2007- 2009
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    ***UVA di Shaan Fall 2013 Performances (Burgh, T Dot, and 1st Place at DDA)***

    that was refreshing. i especially like how you guys have command of your style and routine. hard to do especially with newer dancers. song selection could use some tweaking and choreo was a little predictable/derivative in places but i appreciate some of the more subtle efforts to innovate. i...
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    Rooh Punjab Di @ Tdot 2013

    sunny malton is folk as f**k
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    Week 5 - BTF Ladder- 5. DJ Preet vs. 2. GSingh

    pitch was off for both, but DJ 2 was closer to the mark