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    Huffington Post Feature

    Nishani 2010 Houston, Texas
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    Fire Missing From the Circuit

    This. That's the only true response in this thread. Every team worry too much about judging criteria instead of pushing the set to limits with creativity.
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    BTF Fantasy Football League 2015

    Got more votes than numbers. Group has been created and need 3 more.
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    BTF Fantasy Football League 2015

    7 total. Need 3 or 5 more. Also, PM me your number so I can create a whatsapp group to communicate faster. I have also posted the poll on buy in.
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    BTF Fantasy Football League 2015

    I just had few pm regarding the BTF fantasy chat reply. So here it is. Standard or PPR (Depend on majority) $30-100 buy in (Depend on majority) Need 10-12 people Yahoo or ESPN Snake Draft If we have enough people, I will start collecting and send out invitation. Payout will be decided before...
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    SGPD Windy City Mix

    Mix is hot but speakers didn't do the justice. Thanks for tying Ik Tara Paggan bro.
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    IK ★ Windy City Mix

    IK Tara was awarded People's Choice Award for the Best Team at Windy City Bhangra Competition. Here's the mix I made for them:
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    ★★★NISHANI @WBBC 2K15 Video and Mix★★★ (For mixes: contact Participants: Green Jodi: Lovedeep Singh and Gursharan Singh Pink Jodi: Manjot Singh and Ramandeep Soodan Blue Jodi: Sukhpal Singh and Harpreet...
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    BHANGRA NERD - T-Shirt Campaign - Please Support

    Just placed an order ;)
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    Pacquiao or Mayweather?

    Bout damn time..took almost 5 years to go through.
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    One of the green Jodi girl is absolutely a sick dancer in this performance.
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    Good luck UIUC I-Bhangra 8)
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    Bhangra Blitz - Videos Available (Judges View)

    Thanks Mariam, can you send Nishani video at