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    Post/upload your favorite PUNJABI sad song

    Some of my favorites are : Kale Paani Warga Lagda Pind Sohniye Saara Ni by Manmohan Waris Link: Rabb Warga Si Tera Yaar Vairne by Durga Rangila Link:
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    JK - Baaghi Tera Yaar (Prod by Tru-Skool)

    Hands down, they're the best at the moment But personally they need more dance-floor songs
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    JK - Baaghi Tera Yaar (Prod by Tru-Skool)

    Wasn't feeling the track Musically it's phenomenal but the commercial lyrics with folk music, just don't work Couldn't put this song on repeat, got tired after the 2nd time over What do you guys feel?
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    DJ Preet vs Real Deol Week 4

    not gonna vote on this one, both are mediocre
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    This song was decent in terms of lyrics and composition but music wise there was too much that I didn't understand. The trap twist, with usual reggae vibe Kaos is on, didn't work for me. :P Straight up Mixing and mastering was done at last minute; I could hear how bad it is. Compared it with...
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    Ghidiyan Di Rani Loop

    Don't cut it from Salera Rang because Zeus has cut the dholki in a really weird way I've tried cutting it from there for a while now and the fact is that if you don't cut it exactly like the way he cut it, you're dholki will be offbeat. Cut it from the original song by AS Kang "Gidhiyan Di Rani"...
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    Very true Today's folk compositions are the derivatives of dhadi vaaran. That I'm fine with. The only thing that bugs me is music. Producers aren't much creative nowdays....apart from Manni Sandhu, sOe, and Rav-E
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    Listen now: Download this mix and 69 other great mixes for FREE [/size]Check out the new compilation album presented by ParasiteDARK "The Reunion" featuring Various Dj's [/size]Free...
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    Amrit Maan - Muchh Teh Mashook - Remixed by: ParasiteDARK [/size] [/size]Also check out the new compilation album [/size]ParasiteDARK presents The Reunion Free Download Link: Release Date: August 8, 2016 [/size]featuring Various...
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    Mixing Ladder Song Suggestions

    Ditto There should a be a producing ladder as well
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    I agree with you 100% GSingh ;) Folk is music of the people Adding on: It's something passed on generation from generation Jindua, Sithniya, Mahiya, Kalian, Vaaran etc have been passed down from our grandparents and great grandparents to us. Folk also has a distinctive style of singing. It's...
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    let's take this to DM's
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    Mixing Ladder Wk 1 Matchup 7

    if someone wants to enter the mix ladder and participate, how do they enter?