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    Good Sites to watch tv shows or movies?
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    [E3NA Records] Jassi Singh - HATERS - Official Promo

    jassi singhs music producer soni paul ripped off Jay Simk (jaswant virsa singer) LOL
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    JC Bhangra 2012 Official Line up

    Re: JC Bhangra 2012 Official Line up no afterparty? lol
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    Sounds so much like bindrakhia

    Re: Sounds so much like bhindrakia Hes been out for a while these videos are sick fukre j munde naal.simranjit simmi Simranjeet Simmi live
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    Nishani Bhangra Houston Vaisakhi Competition (1st Place)- Houston, Texas

    Loved it! Really Clean and one of Nishanis best set <3 ... Gurbir Paji <3 :-D lol
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    Bhangra mishaps/recovery

    Anakh E Gabroo @ Bhangra Fever 2010 (1ST PLACE) Green jodi 5 35 lol <3
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    Christian Bhangra?

    What is the singer saying? lmao
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    Rap Beat ? Idk - [NsD]

    Pretty good for a beginner! Good stuff
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    Top 5 Singers at the moment

    Master Saleem Feroz Khan Surjit Khan Billa Bakhsi Saini Surinder
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    Top 5 Singers at the moment

    Surjit Khan
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    That team is doing WHAT?!? [ Bruin's getting Better ;) ]

    Re: That team is doing WHAT?!? Word up!
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    Lol naaa i don't think so homie but i like this mix really clean
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    random bhangra performance, pretty good

    Would never book pavan and navdip ghotra for a gig lmao <3