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    Anakh e gabroo getting ready for fever

    gunnu's baack haayy!
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    Virsa: Our Tradition @ Toronto Bhangra Youth Festival (TBYF)

    congratulations once again boys! folkin killed it :)
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    heavy lineup!
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    VCU Bhangra 08-09 Mixes

    sickkkk mixes hahaha stanky leg with lehrian! too funny, i want to hear that!
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    desi dhamaka results

    congratulations to all the placing teams :) and to my boys on virsa for winning with talent AND class
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    Re: Desi Dhamaka Updates

    V:OT's gna rip it
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    Lalkaare Sheran De at RaasChaos (Exhibition)

    awesome expressions and mix
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    Joshiley Jawan at Virsa Punjab Da 09

    definitely killed it! real graceful jhummer, and kabaddi segment was tighttt bhangra knights: your giddha and hiphop at the afterparty amazed us all. especially your giddha.
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    Bhangra Draft...

    lalli - rooh ranjit - nj ricky - apd jony - v:ot amli - v:ot jasleen - drexel jasmine - lbc nanay (best jodedar ever) - bankian naaran jawani girl 1 ubc girl 1
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    AEG at Fusion Royale

    khoonda songggg:
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    AEG at Fusion Royale

    orange kurta is sick
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    Nachdi Jawani Mix

    here's the song