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    What qualifications are necessary for a Good Judge?

    Ricky oyeeeeeeeeee Took a guy who was bored at work to spark up a useful discussion
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    Virsa: Our Tradition @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2014!

    Deserved a placing no doubt, loved it!
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    ★★★ FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2014 ★★★

    Jhummar choreo was unreal
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    Gugu Raipuria | Kaun Rokhda | Official Promo feat. NYPD Bhangra

    Hey guys check out the new promo from Randy J and Gugu Raipuria - Kaun Rokhda!
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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club @ Warrior Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    Haven't seen nakhra like that in a long time. Shorter orange dancer put on a clinic wow!
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    Bhangra Circuit Critiques

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    Bhangra At The Bell 2014- FEEDBACK

    The hotel rooms had iPads in each room, didn't really use them but I felt like a baller haha.
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    Bhangra At The Bell 2014- FEEDBACK

    Mixer: - I'm a big fan of not having mixer games dictate your position in the lineup, the added 5 minutes of tech-time was a great way to keep teams competitive and yet still allowed everyone to feel loose and actually have fun at the mixer. - I didn't mind the games, but I feel that the...
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    Nachde Yaar Punjab De(NYPD) @ Bhangra at The Bell 2014 (Balcony View)

    Here is our video from Bhangra at The Bell. We would like to thank all of our family and friends that have shown us so much support throughout the years, we could not have done this without each and every one of you. Special shout-out to our homies from FAUJ, JJ and Cornell it was fun kicking it...
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    NYPD @ Bhangra at The Bell - Please do not post

    Read the title. TURN DOWN FOR WHATTTTTT
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    NYPD Bhangra - Motor City Mix & Soundcloud Page!!!

    Hey everyone! In anticipation for Bhangra at the Bell we have decided to finally create a Soundcloud page and also release our Motor City Bhangra Mix!!! All credit goes out to Harman Toor, the man never disappoints.
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    Favorite North American live performance?

    PCBCA at Big Apple: Seriously wish these guys competed more that set was fire. NJ at Bhangra Masti 4: NJ coming back to live after like 2-3 years... the performance speaks for itself. Nachde Shaukeen & Kohinoor & Rooh Punjab Dee at Masti 3: First competition I competed at and saw these 3...