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    Top 5 Mixes of the 2014-2015 Season

    Heard columbia's mix sucked this year
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    Columbia Bhangra Mix 2014-2015 aka. That Fire

    I knew that was going to happen lol. I even tried to find a better way to replace it but at a certain I was just like "eh, fuck it I'm sure he won't care"
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    Columbia Bhangra Mix 2014-2015 aka. That Fire

    If you're looking for that fire, look no further. My mom listened to this and said it was bangin' so it must be. Some things you should know when you download this: Do you like Game of Thrones? Got some shit for you Are you into some bangin ass beats? Should definitely download this Do you...
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    ♫♪ DCBC @ ELITE 8 2015 MIX ♫♪

    Just got to listening, mix had me like Every segment was fuego, this kind of EQing/drum layering separates the boys from the men. The flow was a bit iffy sometimes, with some transitions feeling more like stops and starts, but in general this has immense replay value. Favorite segment was...
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    Music Newsletter

    Hey guys, For those of you that don't know me I was the mixer/captain for Columbia Bhangra. Though my bhangra days are behind me (for the most part), I've started writing a music newsletter for people interested in finding new music. The newsletter is sent three times a week and is broken down...
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    Buckeye Mela 8 | Srujan 2015 Official Lineup!

    Isn't 16 teams super long for a show?
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    Gabru Chel Chabileh - 1st Place at The Bhangra Competition

    Damn son Everything about this was fire. You guys always have great mixes too (though this one had a bit too much pitch shifting up for my taste, lots of squeakiness). Would have loved to see this live
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    CMU Bhangra - BIB (Burgh) & BBC (Boston) Performances [VIDEOS]

    Re: CMU Bhangra - Boston Bhangra Competition [VIDEO] Thought this was awesome, agree about all the jodis having some highlight in this set. Seeing you guys in Boston also agree about the major improvements. Highlight for me was that jugni drop, the pink jodi went crazy. I think the daang run...
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    Rise of Our City - DJ Twinbeatz (Hosted by Amar Sandhu)

    This was great, can't imagine how long it must've taken. A couple things here and there were'nt great but overall awesome song choices and concepts
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    Bhangra In New York (Non-Competitive)

    Whoops, sorry to bring this back from the dead (last time I promise) We're going to be having our first meeting this sunday, so if anyone is interested, feel free to message me!
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    Kaum Punjab Di (KPD) Bhangra Mix

    I'll send you a pm with more specifics
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    Bhangra In New York (Non-Competitive)

    Not sure who would be interested but figured I would ask. I've gotten a group of people together to learn choreo every couple of weeks for anyone interested in dancing but not able to commit to a full tim team. If you're in NYC and still want to dance, send me a message and I'll add you to our...
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    Kaum Punjab Di (KPD) Bhangra Mix

    Not bad for a first mix, you definitely have the basics down well. Here are some tips I think might help: A lot of your sound effects + drum loops are slightly off beat. Go through with a fine tooth comb and readjust or ask someone else to listen and point them out Your drum loops are also way...
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    Melbourne Bhangra Regiment Mix 2k14

    Meant to give this some public love, this mix is really solid! Highlights for me: The intro was hype as fuck (Morni + Shoulder were both hype and eq'd well), I had always thought about whether there was a way to mix the two superstars and you did it better than I would have thought to do, and...