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    "Faces of Bhangra 2012"

    I think im a little scared from that..
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    SGPD BAB 3 video

    sher foundation.
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    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2012 GTV

    HOLY SHIT. Skrillex gimmick was fucking SICK! Also, loveeeeeed all the song/segment shout outs from the past AEG routines.
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    SMD at Bruin Bhangra (balcony and GTV)

    So much love for these girls <33 That sapp segment is my favoritest ewerrrrrrrrr! And nakhra, too much, ALL of you. seriously. tone it down or the creepy MC is gonan try and propose. just sayin
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    Bhangra Performances on YouTube in 3D!!!!

    You could use the no glasses option, where if youre watching it connected to a tv, you sort of go cross eyed, and the overlap of the two videos makes it 3D IF you have the theater glasses, you can change the options to use those instead of the red and blue ones. It makes the performance more...
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    and Missouri. what is HAPPENING.
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    A lot of the boys from PANJ have been dancing for BCC for a while now. One of the reasons why PANJ girls, and not PANJ coed or PANJ boys, have been so active this season.
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    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2012: Judging Package

    I also think there needs to be a retirement period of maybe one season where the person does not dance before they become a judge. Too many times have I seen judges make comebacks on stage as dancers shortly after they judge a comp. I really don't think you should be judging if you hope to...
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    AEG performing at Elite 8 2012

    imo, THIS is the performance that will redefine the circuit. Three person jodis, bold statements about girls doing bhangra, first 24 person performance... Best performance of the night.
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    SMD performing at Elite 8 2012

    wow. That was one of the best I have ever seen from SMD! SO SO SO SO SOOOOO proud of you girls!
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    ESA at VPD 2012

    I agree, I would def love to see a better quality! It was actually a lot better than i expected, seeing as how you guys hardly ever got the time to practice together. I absolutely LOVED the gimmick where u guys did a bit of each girls' team's choreo! Its been great following your blog/vlogs; you...
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    Leicester Uni Bhangra Showdown 2012 1st place

    zRed jodi, DT? fucking killed it.
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    Bhangra Empire at The Bhangra Showdown

    Moderator's note: Removed (again) by team request. Can we stop posting it for now? :)
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    st george college bhangra showdown (UK)

    AEG-SMD collbo at BAB2
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    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2012: Update

    is this some kind of rebellion against E8? sheesh.