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    AEG-APD Collabo

    hahahahahaha+i_was_soooo_off_Beat!! [/size][/color]I_love_u_kinnel
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    How not to Bhangra(Punjabi Dance) in UK
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    Another Veiw of VCU @ Elite 8

    ..VCU at Elite 8 from my camera vcu @ e8
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    Anakh e Gabroo Perfrorming at a party

    Anakh E Garbroo party perfornmance hahahaha palty shalty
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    Nachdi Jawani @ Elite 8 Better Quality View

    nachdi jawani hd qualityy elite 8 Nachdi Jawani @ 3lite 8
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    Anakh-e-gabroosz Bosten mix hahaha

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    tribute for kaka by G Deep

    eww niggasz wack
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    Anakh e gabroo getting ready for fever

    wat u mean by hate rippin it ?
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    Anakh e gabroo getting ready for fever
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    Lalkaare Sheran De bhangra practice

    for a live segment its realli a slak of energy but oher wise nice
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    most guys have a big ego

    can u fucking shut this topic down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btf organizerz can u take down this post plz my girl wrote it...and the site doesnt let her delete it.......and all ya nikka that wrote fucked up shit holla at me ill give u my info and say shit to my face
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    Raas Rave and Bhangra Blitz 2010- Lineup Announcement!

    never g=heard bout these teams r they new
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    whats ur New Years Resolutin?

    My resolution is to get a job a 1st. Than get ready for Elite 8 and just go all out and its going to be a rap, lol, And thats it cant dicuss anything else personal.. lol peace!
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    please check out my first mix i ever made lol

    hope u like it is just a rough draft even tho u guysz think its wack leave some comments i tryed lol