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  1. pmittal18

    Looking for Plastic Saaps

    Hello BTF! My name is Piyusha and I am co-captain of GU Jawani in D.C. My team currently has wooden shikkhe, but we're looking to buy up to 18 plastic saaps. Is anyone currently making/selling plastic saaps, or does anyone know of a vendor that is? We've tried to get in contact with a few...
  2. pmittal18

    GU Jawani @ Bhangra Fever 7: Do Not Post

    Hello all! I'm Piyusha Mittal, one of the captains of GU Jawani from Georgetown University. We're a new team in the circuit and we recently competed at Bhangra Fever 7. We had an absolutely incredible time up in Binghamton (thank you, Binghamton board!). Congratulations to all the teams for...