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    id like to withdraw from this ladder.. thanks
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    Week 6 Matchup 3: DJ ManDown vs. Mogul

    WOW really tough... but i think DJ 1
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    Mixing Ladder Week 5 Callout Thread and Week 4 Wrap-Up!

    paaji (7) challenges kRRn MiXeS (2)
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    Mixing Ladder Song Suggestions

    retarded quality but:
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    Mixing Ladder Week 4 Callout Thread and Week 3 Wrap-up

    paaji (7) challenges Suave Sahib (4)
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    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 3 Info & Callout Thread*

    paaji (8) challenges DJ A2 (7)
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    Week 2 Matchup 9: DJ MOMO vs. ChaMak

    God I love when this song slows down. Makes for a pretty sick drop in both mixes. I wish DJ2 didn't change tempo so drastically at that point or instead used the slower tempo for the lead-in. The layers of sound DJ1 added throughout the first half of the mix were beautiful, and the drop is sick...
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    Week 2 Matchup 11: DJ Chet vs. Mogul

    I can't actually vote yet because I haven't posted enough, but here are my my thoughts about either mix. I agree that DJ1 maybe didn't do enough and I think the hi hats were definitely overused. They lose their emphasis when they are used so indiscriminately. I liked DJ2's creativity with...
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    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 1 Info & Callout Thread*

    paaji (7) challenges DJ A2 (5)