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    FAUJ WBBC 2013 Mix

    What's the song that starts at 4:17
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    anyone know the last song

    FAUJ @ Bhangra Idols 2012 (Best of the Best) starts at 740 if anyone has it can you post
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    Post/upload your favorite PUNJABI sad song

    dude you got more Yamla Jatt stuff or know where i can download it cuz dude i been looking for his stuff that be cool thanks man :) !
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    Mitran De Jaan????

    thanks guys
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    Mitran De Jaan????

    im looking for the song called mitran de jaan i think thats what its called panj used it in the there routine at norcal at 7:04 it be cool if u can also give me the album and artist thanks in advance :) Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi @ NorCal Bhangra 2011
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    VCU @ Bhangre Di Mehfil 2010

    idk i didnt feel it i was not vcu standards to me it was sloppy and it was not sync. and yeah it was like they have not danced before with each other well thats a duh cuz it is a new squad lol also i felt like the new guy in the yellow the shorter one was kinda like doing alittle to much not...
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    Elite 8 2011

    i think they should be on the list and they should go and lbc just saying
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    Dj Vix vs. Bikram Keith Jay Sean - Down (The Official Desi Mix)

    yeah i was about to ask the same thing it doesn't work anyone have it ???
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    SGPD @ Idols 2010

    wat were the masks they put on ???
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    Mega jhumar mix- SunnyG and *Gsingh* ;)

    sunny u know ur raw lol
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    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    I meant original meaning not the remixed version cuz thats all i could find for this
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    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    u made my day lol :D
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    looking for Nachna Onda Nei

    dudr ur awesome lol :D