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    VCU elite 8 2011

    Good performance once again!
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    Ryerson University Dry Run through for SAACS !

    Sick vid the choreo was legit, what did you guys place in Bhangra? Any other schools wanna put up their vids?
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    what has the world come to omfg ....

    Relaxxx everyone this is photoshopped the fat kid and the girls, look how unnaturally their heads move compare3d to their bodies. They did a good job but look at 1:10 when hes wearing the black shirt, thats CLEARLY photoshop
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    Apna Virsa Academy (AVA) @ Rangla Punjab 2010 (GTVHD)

    Do any of these girls go to McMaster University because their kato segments was an exact copy, move for move, of Mac's bhangra performance at culture show 2009.
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    Another Veiw of VCU @ Elite 8

    Props to you guys this performance was very clean and in sync as always, and sick idea bringing out the VCU alum. I was just wondering though why does the Joker come out @ the end? It seemed really out of place and I just didn't understand that gimmick, seemed too random.
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    South Asian Alliance Culture Show

    Yo guys heres UTSG's video, lemme know what you guys think of our bhangra set. We didn't exactly have the most talented bhangra dancers but we made them work hard and here's the result. The beginning of our set is messed up because of lack of practicing with pretied paggs. SAA UTSG 2010.MP4