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    how do i search for mp3s? i swear there used to be a media link?

    how do i search for mp3s? i swear there used to be a media link?
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    lehmber song help

    That's the one! Thanks!!
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    lehmber song help

    cant find this one anywhere. i might looking for it wrong.. it goes.. "sara pind? aashiq tere te" i think its by lil sach or dj sanj.
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    describe your last shit using a movie title

    National Treasure
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    Nainach Sharab (Remix) - Kaka Bhaniawala - Latest Punjabi Song

    Truskool played a clip of the song on a radio interview a while back. It was supposed to be on the Repazent album but it just didn't make the cut. He ended up using that same instrumental for "Nach Ke" instead.
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    Jazzy B & Kaur B feat. Dr.Zeus - Mitran De Boot (Joe Mann Remix)

    I like the chords you added.. nice work!!!
  7. R Down?

    I heard it shutdown. You can use
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    Diljit~This Singh Is So Stylish~ FT Ikka SINGLE DOWNLOAD

    Daljit stop dis nonsense . get back with Truskool
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    DJ Vix - Desi Beat Ft. Malkit Singh DOWNLOAD

    What a song!!! LOVE IT
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    DJ Sanj - American Desi 2 ALBUM DOWNLOAD

    Thanks for posting this. WACK album! Disappointed.
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    Tru-Skool - Putt Jattan De (320 VBR)

    This really takes you back. PURE Punjabi Music!!!
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    Sida Sada (OFFICIAL DESI VERSION) - Saini Surinder Gupsy Aujla

    This one is so much better. Love it!
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    MICKEY SINGH - Mick's Tape - Full Download

    650 views and just one comment ??? The songs are a bit too commercial for my taste, but WOW this guy can sing!