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    Anakhiley-E-Gabroo Bruin 2014 (2nd Place) *** GTV VIDEO ADDED ***

    Re: Anakhiley-E-Gabroo Bruin 2014 (2nd Place) Which manmohan waris ni aaja bhabi remix was that? Can someone post it? Tried to find it but no luck =[
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    wooo govind!! ;)
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    School Bhangra Performance-Mix Attatched

    killed it!! Awesome performance. Loved it ;)
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    Dancers Are Genetically Different

    Believe in THE HEART OF THE CARDS.
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    nachdi bolyian - ranjit rana song request

    never mind, found it. mods can delete this post.
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    F★A★U★J at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013

    That was awesome, well done. I really enjoyed watching this. Should have gotten first place IMO. Post the mix too, it's legit.
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    Evil Dead 2013 Trailer

    This might just be the only remake that will actually be better than the original........
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    Does anyone else find this a bit distburbing?

    bruaah nice job manjot
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    VPD Show order

    Is there a live stream?
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    Bhangra isn't Bhangra anymore

    Dost thou even hoist?
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    100% agreed with HarmanToor. Deepi - You have to give respect to get respect. If you come off as rude and act like a dick, that's how you will be treated in return.
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    Bhangra isn't Bhangra anymore

    Unfortunately that will likely never happen and we will never be on the same page as everyone has a different vision along with different ideas about bhangra. Just gotta learn to appreciate the diversity I guess.
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    First Mix Feedback?

    I like the song choices, very upbeat and danceable. Aside from the transitions, you're on the right track. Nice first mix for a beginner mixer. I like the jatt pagal karteh part. shit's rowdy!! lol