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    Plastic Saaps

    lol I am also making plastic saaps. I made a lot of extras after making saaps for my team and others. I can ship them out asap if anyone needs them soon. I am willing to sell these at a discounted price since they are extras that I have leftover from fulfilling other orders. Definitely hit up...
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    Bhangra costumes for sale

    Hey BTF! My team, Punjabbawockeez has used and new bhangra costumes for sale. We just want to get rid of them and are selling them for super cheap. Message me if you're interested! P.S. We also have hip hop costumes for sale.
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    Plastic Sapps for Sale

    I just started making sapps for my team. Let me know if you would like to buy some. I can always make extra!
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    Need to buy Plastic Sapps

    I am making plastic sapps for my team. Let me know if you're interested in buying some! I can make extra!
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    Plastic Saaps

    @ManrajBajwa messaged!
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    Plastic Saaps

    @Navbrar95 I'm interested!
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    Plastic Saaps

    @Bajwa99 and @Howie Magz are ya'll still making plastic sapps? Pls let me know, PJW needs to place an order (9 sapps).