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    Vice City Competition Review

    This competition seemed sketchy from the beginning since they were not posting it anywhere public for a very long time. I had to find out through other teams that this was even happening. The same people are hosting another competition in New York called "Bhangra in the City" on April 13, so...
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    Buckeye Mela XII Judges and Predictions!!!

    I will be at the show if anyone needs help with paggs or wants to link up Friday night, DM me :D
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    Gidha/Bhangra teams in Dallas?

    SDK Bhangra looking for new members as well
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    Paid gig: looking for 2 male bhangra dancers in Dallas!

    I might have some people for you @Afsheen o_O
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    VSB | Waris @ BBC 2017

    Loved this set! Cant wait to see what you guys bring at future comps. Ajit and Dilbagh are nasttyyy.
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    ♪♫ Norcal Naujawan @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017 MIX ♫♪

    This mix has been on repeat for a while. Definitely appreciate all the detail you put into your mixes. Song selection, verse selection, and layering were all on firee.
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    Need Dholi for Clutch City Bhangra 2017**

    Hello, My name is Robby and I am a member of Sheran Di Kaum. We are looking for a dholi that can perform with us at Clutch City Bhangra in Houston, TX on July 1st. If you are attending or are interested please PM me! Thanks
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    Bhangre De Shokeen's mix from NKD 2017

    Damnnn, that was one of the hottest mixes I've heard in a while.
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    Duniya De Rang @ BXB 2017: Video & Mix

    Shoutout to the dude in pink for killin it during that performance
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    Shaan Punjab Dee at Big 10 Bhangra! 1st place :)

    This right here is the new level. The style, the nakhra, the energy... teams will want to be like this even years down the road. Flawless Victory fellas!
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    Raas Rave & Bhangra Blitz(R2B2) Lineup

    I wasn't sure if this was going to be posted Bhangra Category Alamo City Bhangra Emory Karma Bhangra GT Bhangra UConn Husky Bhangra Sheran Di Kaum Texas Bhangra Raas Category WashU Raas Dirty South Dandiya UF Gatoraas UH Roarin' Raas Stanford Basmati Raas GT Ramblin' Raas A&M Wreckin Raas
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    Road to SuperBowel LI

    Dallas Cowboys >>> Cowboys Vs Chiefs
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    MOB Chicago @ Bhangra in the 6ix & Bhangra in the Burgh X

    Jhoomer was fireeeeeee Very entertaining set, keep it up guys ;D
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    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ Bit6ix (1st Place)

    Kids in red and tan were on another level :o Congrats on 1st!