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    **Big Apple Bhangra IV - Registration**

    So happy to see Big Apple coming back. Probably my favorite competition! Best of luck :)
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    CMU Bhangra at Motor City Bhangra 2 and Bhangra at the Bell 2

    Favorite co-ed team on the circuit, right now. Through and through you have shown everyone the hard work a team goes through to create a diverse routine that hits hard without the use of "gimmicks" per se (I am not a fan of gimmicks that take away from the "dancing aspect" of the routine...
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    Penn Masala - Evolution of Bollywood Music

    This is so so good. Will you going to be releasing an mp3 version of this by any chance?
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    First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra At The Bell 2014 (GTVHD)

    Favorite FCB set and mix to date. Also <3 <3 <3 the new vardiyaan. Congrats on the placing, guys. Well deserved, love you all!
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    First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra Fever 5 (GTVHD)

    Ahh, Fever weekend. Thanks for doin what you do, Harjot! Loved the transitions from Burgh to Fever, and can't wait to see even more from Bell ;) Love you boys <3
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    Nachde Yaar Punjab De(NYPD) @ Bhangra at The Bell 2014 (Balcony View)

    NYPD has always been a team to watch out for. This set was fantastic as usual, had all the factors of a fun and entertaining set. The only thing that it lacked, for me anyway as I was watching this live, was consistent energy among all 16 dancers as well as cleanliness in formations. Anyway...
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    Bhangra Fever 5 Placings

    Fever was an amazing time, as always. Daman you've done a wonderful job with the competition. Really glad I got to come out and see all the newer talent that is emerging from the bhangra community. All the teams put on a fantastic show, congratulations to everyone. Special shoutout to the...
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    FCB/GOB/SMD/DCBC/VCU/FAUJ Collaboration at a wedding reception

    This was so much fun, I miss it! REPEAT SOON, GUYS <3
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    Comp Money..

    lololol, best part about this thread.
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    Bhangra Fever 5 - Save the Date!

    Fever was SUCH a fun weekend this year, glad I got to make up to support FCB for my first ever Bhangra Fever weekend. I highly recommend this comp to any and every team, apply away. Staff is wonderful and super accommodating.
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    Fcb vlogs and vines

    hahaha I love all of this so so so much, guyss <3
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    Marathon blasting in Boston

    Glad you guys are safe!! And thanks for posting that, Arjun. Bring some peace back into the the point of this thread.
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    ***CMU BHANGRA MIX 2013***

    such a great mix!! great job Sean! can't wait to hear more of what you make!