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    Virsa: Our Tradition w/ JK- Challe Mundian ft. Tru-Skool *Official Video*

    Virsa: Our Tradition did a video shoot with JK for his new song Challe Mundian. This is the final product. Enjoy :) JK - Challe Mundian ft. Tru-Skool *OFFICAL VIDEO*
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    Congrats to all the placing teams!!! Woohoo VIRSA!!!
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    HOW TO: Add BTF on your iPhone home screen

    BTF Mobile iPhone webapp has not been working. For the past couple days it is showing the full site.
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    Virsa Folksters at Jersey City Bhangra

    some sexiii guy. I heard he was spinning the chimta so fast he clipped his nails
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    Virsa Folksters at Jersey City Bhangra

    The mc was having trouble with all the names, "tru school folks arts clubs" he had to say it 10 times before he got it right. Nonetheless folksters did a great job. Proud of you guys!
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    I don't mind you jokes at all ;)
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    Virsa: Our Tradition at Bayside Bhangra 2010

    Good job guys! Miss The old days!! U guys ripped it.
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    Congrats too all teams!!! Shout out to TL & KL! VIRSA!!!!
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    Bhangra Allstars results

    VIRSA!! Congrats to all the teams! ;)