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    Boiler Bhangra 2016 Cancelled?

    We had been told about a reschedule as well, but it was very unrealistic for all of us to spend another 350+ on tickets to fly up the week after (especially when they wouldn't even tell us if the comp was happening till mid week) As far as reimbursements, they told us we would be receiving...
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    Boiler Bhangra 2016 Cancelled?

    It has been two weeks since Boiler Bhangra was cancelled, so this post comes a little late. We waited to give the Boiler Bhangra committee adequate time to come up with reparations for the teams. Since we have seen no results, here is our reflection: We are deeply disappointed by the last...
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    Learn Bhangra - Single Dhamaal

    This is sick. Great vid!
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    Texas Bhangra Nachle Deewane 2015 Mix

    Hey btf community! Here's TXB's 2015 mix! It was our first time making a mix, so we're definitely looking for some constructive feedback! Shoutout to DJ Prince for making Phatte Chuk Di for us!
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    Texas Bhangra @ Nachde Nashville 2015 - PLEASE DO NOT POST

    Hey guys, We'd appreciate it if anyone with a video of our performance would refrain from posting it! If you have a video, please send it to! Thanks! Anish
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    Nachde Nashville 2015 Competition Reviews

    First off, I would like to congratulate MBT, VT, and Husky on their placings! All of the teams completely killed it on stage! Arrival: Our experience is pretty much the same as Sonny’s. We weren’t told until we were dropped off at Vandy from the airport that we would be in charge of...
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    Star Wars

    This is probably the greatest thing I've seen in my life
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    Desi Junction Djs - Prince Sharma - Das Ja 2 (dhol and bass mix)

    Sick track by DJ Prince Sharma and Desi Junction
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    Song Help

    Thanks boss!
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    Song Help

    Anyone know the duet at 12:15?
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    Pics of Comps
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    Notorious Bhangra III Lineup

    Shoutout to acb!
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    Are there any bhangra team tryouts or teams starting in Houston?

    Nishani Bhangra (University of Houston) - (their captain is Gurbir Singh) Edit: Sorry, I assumed you meant University of Houston. Like Gursh said below, Houston has Nishani and Chowl Bhangra. Here's the contact info for the rest: - Chowl Bhangra (Rice University) -...
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    Houston Vaisakhi Mela Competition 2014 Results

    Congrats to Nishani and Hurricane on first and second place! We had a blast at the mixer and show! Shoutout to Gurbir, Viggy, and Alex for an awesome exhibition act at the mixer haha! We enjoyed meeting all the teams and can't wait to do it again next year!
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    vaisakhi houston bhangra competiton

    For sure! Yeah, I think it is her, the bio says that she has a love for bhangra and gidha - and same for Ricky (being on Virse/BK). The committee sent a resume/bio for each judge - I think it's the same thing the judges sent the committee when they were applying for being a judge for the comp...