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    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2013 (GTV) 1st Place

    Huge step up from their last year bruin set! One of the better sets in recent memory, creativity was up there . Simpliy said this was a bruin type set that catered well with the audience. Congrats
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    ABC MIX Bruin 2012

    hey my bad that wasnt the final mix . ill get that up asap!
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    ABC MIX Bruin 2012

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    Vancity Bhangra @ Bhangra Idols 2012 (Best In The West) (GTV)

    very good perfromance !! Energy was consistently high notch!! stunts were incorparated well and facial expressions were on point. Only thing i would say is even though the intro builds antcipation nicely it is a bit too long.
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    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2012: Update

    didnt see this coming....... bhangra idols zindabad
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    shan e punjab defiently deserves a bid this year
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    Teams of 10?

    We danced with 10 for a really long time and it has it's advantages and disadvantages to it. It limits formations but provides an opportunity to be cleaner and show case each of your dancers more than the common 12 man sets of today. If you have 10 solid dancers you should just stick with that...
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    thanks for the review! I think your videos are good insight for teams.. defenitly some stuff we can take away from your video. keep up the good work props
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    ABC kids mela performance

    Our younger kids group performing at a local show enjoy! ABC Juniors puyallup fair
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    Abc prac video

    practice before idols 2010
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    Gig Performance

    enjoyed watching this performance! good gig routine had energy and was entertaing as well . i see u preet n ricky good shyt!!!
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    Anakhilay Gabru - Gig Performance

    It was raining money out there!! good jobs boys