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    Da Real Punjabiz (DRP) Mixes '06-'11

    Some of the greatest music EVER made in the bhangra circuit...
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    ---=Mixers on BTF=-- if there are any left

    dang this is going to be tight
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    NBA Playoffs 2011

    what's your definition of "okay"? he dislocated his elbow and visibly played the rest of the game with 1 arm. i don't consider that "okay."
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    New teams, style, and having some class

    in my opinion, this is one of the biggest problems i see in the circuit. it doesn't just show itself on BTF, but at competitions as well.
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    Dancers in Atlanta Georgia

    btf is so harsh/ glad it wasn't like this when i was first developing as a dancer
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    Bhangra Blowout Placings

    i am taking it easy
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    Bhangra Blowout Placings

    i can't speak for anyone else's set, but I have seen vcu's at bayside and i have seen drexel's. if your argument is that drexel was more modern than vcu then you should probably go back to the drawing board on that bad boy because thats not true. and no one has any illusions about what blowout...
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    Bhangra Blowout Placings

    so proud...
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    Happy Birthday JEEEEETTTIIII

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    Top Dancers

    lol at this thread in general.
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    VCU elite 8 2011

    I mean if you can tell the difference between "is obvious" and "seems obvious" then I'm sure that you can see how you quoting a judge saying that the gimmick was "very humbling" is misleading to people who didn't watch the documentary haha
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    VCU elite 8 2011

    I saw that but I still don't think any of the judges described the gimmick that way haha
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    VCU elite 8 2011

    not sure where you got the information that judges described the gimmick in that fashion, but thats not true.
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    ***Bhangra Blowout 18's OFFICIAL Lineup!!!***

    lol thats an old ass video of drexel